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3D Laser Scanning and Modeling

EIWAA offer 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling Service, LiDAR Scanning, Surveying, Digital Survey, Total Station Surveys, Theodolite Survey etc. In Industrial, Marine and Offshore retrofitting engineering of offshore platforms, offshore jackets, Ships, Rigs etc. 3D Scanning and Detailed Engineering are widely used in Marine retrofitting solutions for installing and commissioning of Ballast Water Treatment System(BWTS), Hull Air Lubrication System(ALS), Exhaust Gas Scrubber System(EGCS), MOPU to MODU Conversion project etc. Marine Feasibility study also required prior to the 3D Scanning and modelling for conversion and retrofitting of ships, Ports and Rigs etc. After 3D Imaging Survey, Detailed Engineering of piping structures, pipelines, General Arrangement Drawing, Fabrication drawing also required for fabrication and commissioning of conversion and Retrofitting works. CAD Drawings of 2D and 3D drawing are the outputs of Detailed Engineering solutions. LiDAR scanning of building can be utilized for interior designing, Recreating Architectural Model, Reverse engineering etc. as a part of  building structural analysis, BIM Modeling, BIM Engineering and for Architectural Revit Model. Revit Model of LOD 300 or LOD 400 by LiDAR Scanning  can be used for detailed architectural engineering for architectural ventilation, furniture, Venting, AC Duct and Exhaust systems detail. Total station Surveys and Surveying are using for Tank Dimensional Control, Tank Dimension Inspection, Alignment Survey, As built Model, As built drawing preparation in 2D and 3D Drawings etc. In oil gas and refineries. Revit Modeling and 3D laser scanning survey are used in architectural building, heritage, Archaeological sectors, Restaurant etc. 3D Rendering by 3D Scanner with wide ranges are used to model Pyramid structures and heritage buildings. BIM Engineering is used for repair and maintenance works of Airports, Warehouses, Prototype models for reverse Engineering solutions. Advanced Total station Surveys is used for tank calibration, coordinate survey, Hydro testing, Level Measurements in Above storage tank and Piping terminals. Advanced 3D Scanner with wide distance ranges are used to take the 3D imaging of pyramids, building industrial sector and auto registration 3D Scanner for Jack up rig 3D Scanning and 3D Imaging. Warehouse Scanning are used to take the dimensional details of columns and rafters within short time and to recreate 2D CAD Drawing as a part of Reverse Engineering. EIWAA provides Topography Services or Topographic survey to record as built condition or accurate measurements of existing structures in construction and marine projects .Our Design Engineers used this topography services data for repair/maintenance and retrofitting activities as well as new build projects from starts to end. Underground mapping service is a digital representation of underground utilities by Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment (GPR) and Electro Magnetic Locator. Underground mapping service creates an accurate model of buried utilities in multiple formats of 3D.