The EIWAA Inspection and Calibration Company offers portable and gas detector calibration in ships, vessels, etc., including ships based at ARAMCO, in compliance with SOLAS requirements. EIWAA Marine Services is one of the best onsite calibration services in Saudi Arabia for providing marine survey, H2S Survey and Gas Detector calibration services at Major Ports and Offshore. We provide gas detector calibration services in addition to onboard calibration and certificate issuance. All onboard gas measurement equipment needs to be calibrated to ensure reliable detection of oxygen, combustible gases, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon monoxide. Enclosed places may have additional atmospheric risks that are not detectable by the recommended device as per MSC1/Circ 1477.

Gas Detector Calibration


ARAMCO, SOLAS/IACS regulations, and the detector manufacturer all state that the calibration must be done on a regular basis. EIWAA Marine calibration Services, the leading gas detection calibration service provider in Saudi Arabia, provides both single and multiple gas detection surveys. To put it another way, in compliance with SOLAS/ARAMCO gas detection rules, it’s known as hydrogen sulphide detection surveys and H2S detection in ships and vessels.

Calibration Approvals:

EIWAA Marine Calibration Services is approved by major Ports of Saudi Arabia and offshore/Anchorages with qualified calibration technicians. Onsite Calibration Services are follows; but not limited to,

  • All the Major IACS Classification Societies
  • Major Ports of Saudi Arabia
  • SOLAS 

The process of calibrating a measuring device to conform to standards and produce the most accurate measurements is known as calibration. Our professionals are skilled and qualified to perform all of our calibrations. In order to guarantee that the readings the gas detector makes are as accurate as possible, calibration is crucial. A poorly calibrated gas detector may produce wrong readings that have serious consequences. For this reason, it’s important that you always allow experts to calibrate your gas detector.

Services for calibrating portable gas detector: The calibration is a requirement set forth by ARAMCO, SOLAS/IACS rules, and the detector manufacturer at regular periods. The top gas detection service provider in Saudi Arabia, EIWAA Gulf rocks, offers gas detection surveys as well as multiple gas detection surveys, such as those for hydrogen sulfide detection surveys and H2S detection in ships and vessels, in accordance with SOLAS/ARAMCO gas detection regulations.

Calibration requirements for gas detectors:

Portable detectors must comply with SOLAS X1-1/7 regulation and must.

Four gas meters

the ability to withstand water

continuous use for ten hours

Dust-Resistant, etc.