EIWAA Marine offers Non-Destructive Testing Services in Saudi Arabia by Providing NDT inspection services and NDT Testing Services with IACS and Port approval. We are BV/IRS/ABS approved NDT Inspection Services in Saudi Arabia service both Marine Services as well as oil & gas services.

In Oil Gas Contractors and Ship repairing companies, EIWAA Marine Services have its own name in non destructive testing Inspection of welding joints whether it is new or in service. Major Types of NDT Inspection services are Magnetic Particle Testing ,Ultrasonic Scanning Inspection, Dye Penetrant Examination, Vacuum Box Testing, PMI-XRF material analysis ,Ultrasonic thickness Gauging etc. EIWAA Marine Services are approved by all the major ports of Saudi Arabia for providing Conventional NDT Services of NDT/NDE Inspection as well as Non Destructive Evaluation Services by Rope Access. Underground Pipeline  Leak Testing services and Leak detection Services ensure the integrity of pipelines by NDT Inspection Services. Leak Test is a common method to determine the leak in a buried pipeline or underground pipe line with a flowing pressure of more than 2 bar and the testing method is acoustic emission leak detection test.


Magnetic Particle testing is used to find out surface crack identification of weld joints where  the welding surface is cleaned or its not in painting condition. Ultrasonic Scanning Inspection is an NDT Method used to find out the volumetric welding defects in a weld joint whether it is new weld joint or in service weld joint, Dye Penetrant Examination is used to find out the surface cracks of weld joints of non ferrous and ferrous materials. Vacuum Box Testing is an NDT Method used in storage tank inspection Services and ship hull weld joints to find out the leakages by creating vacuum on the surface. Visual Examination is carried out by CSWIP/AWS Certified welding inspectors and NDT Test were carried out by PCN/ASNT Qualified NDT Inspector. For Holiday detection, wet sponge holiday test shall be carried out  where the paint thickness is below 500 micron and high voltage holiday detection for the paint surfaces where the dry film thickness is more than 500 micron. Ultrasonic thickness gauging is performed by ASNT Certified NDT Inspector and by IACS Approved  UT thickness instrument to verify the thickness of materials in Ship. Apart from the Basic Qualification of ASNT or PCN Certifications, all the NDT Inspector are certified by IACS Classification Approved Bodies like ABS,BV,IRS and DNV in Marine Sectors.