EIWAA Marine Services offers Wire rope destructive testing services and Wire rope socketing services in Saudi Arabia as a part of wire rope renewal services. Based on years of experience with both project management assignments and proven track records, EIWAA Marine Services has created its own approach for wire rope socketing service and wire rope destructive testing services.  This approach gives us a distinct and comprehensive understanding of the potential hazards associated with projects. We make use of this information to recognize possible issues on a project before they become issues and to suggest or start taking preventive action using strategic planning and controls. EIWAA Technical Services offers wire rope sampling, re-socketing of wire ropes, Destructive testing of wire ropes, color coding, stenciling, tagging, and other services related to wire rope renewal in ships and vessels. Wire rope socketing, sampling, destructive testing, spooling, and crane wire rope reeving are all included in the wire rope renewal process as part of the safety inspection services. Lifting lug inspection Services, pad eye load testing, pull-out testing, pedestal crane load testing services, bollard pull testing, anchor bolt pull testing are few examples of onboard testing services.

Rocking motion testing Services are utilized to learn about pedestal crane certification and slew bearings. After crane wire rope replacement or repair/alteration works, proof load testing services of water bag load testing and water weights load testing services shall be undertaken for cargo cranes and offshore pedestal cranes. EIWAA Marine Services provides lifting maintenance services to ship owners, shipping companies, rig owners, and shipping agencies in Saudi Arabia. We are a certified lifting supplier with the Ports of NEOM and other major ports of Saudi Arabia.



The steps in the wire rope socketing services in Saudi Arabia starts from socket bowl measurements, sliding the socket into the wire rope and securing the wire rope after cleaning the ends. In the second stage drag the broom into the socket bowl and seal after combining the wire lock compound or resin mixture after sufficient holding time to cure. Depending on the wire rope end fitting and wire rope termination requirements, either an open or closed spelter socket can be installed. We are able to provide socketing services of up to 102 mm dia and using authorized brands like Crosby sockets. Wire rope destructive testing services and wire rope proof load test will be performed after wire rope socketing services onboard.  The primary services associated with lifting technical services are wire rope replacement and wire rope renewal services. Our Marine Survey Services in Saudi Arabia offers a wide range of marine third-party inspection services such as load testing of lifting equipment, lifting gear inspection, pedestal crane load testing, water bag load testing, cargo gear testing, towing gear inspection and more.


Following wire rope non-destructive testing (NDT) by magnetic rope testing instrument; wire rope sampling shall be performed by cutting sample length of min.7m for the wire rope destructive testing services. In wire rope sampling, a minimum of 7 meters of wire rope must be removed and each end of the rope must be socketed using a spelter socket. Wire rope sampling services shall be performed by our lifting technical team onboard.