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Storage Tank Calibration Services

The process of precisely calculating a tank’s capacity, or partial capacities, and expressing this capacity as a volume for a certain linear increment or height of liquid is known as calibration.

In other words, tank calibration also entails measuring liquid bulk containers, barges, ship tanks, horizontal bullets, spherical tanks, vats, and casks. These measurements give the dimensions needed to calculate calibration charts.
EIWAA Gulf Rocks cutting-edge laser-calibration measurement technology

offers precise storage tank calibration to the relevant international standards published by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) or by the American Petroleum Institute, helping companies to reduce costs time and costs associated with tank management (API).

Our Expertise :

Any tank, regardless of its size or design, can be calibrated. What is your tank’s precise capacity?

The discrepancy could cost your company thousands of dollars, and we at EIWAA make sure that our clients don’t lose out on this money. Tank Engineers and technicians are highly skilled and have access to 3D measurement tools when it comes to tank calibration. The calibration of petroleum and chemical storage tanks includes vertical tank, horizontal tank, spherical and cylindrical tank, fixed roof and floating roof tank strapping, domed roof and conical roof tank and LNG tank safe filing height calculations etc. Direct physical measurements of the tank’s geometry are used in our calibration and tank strapping activities and these measurements are used to calculate capacity tables internally. Our qualified field inspectors and engineers, who are also trained in storage tank strapping are seasoned API 653 certified specialists who offer these services.