Dropped object surveys by rope access services involve using skilled technicians equipped with ropes, harnesses, and other specialized equipment to access and inspect difficult-to-reach areas on offshore rigs. Dropped object surveys conducted by rope access services are an essential part of maintaining a safe working environment on offshore rigs, as they provide a thorough assessment of potential hazards in hard-to-reach areas. By utilizing skilled technicians and specialized equipment, these surveys help prevent incidents and promote safety for personnel and equipment on offshore installations.

IRATA Approved Rope Access Technicians with Qualified DROPS Program will perform Dropped Object Survey at Offshore Rigs and Platforms and we are approved by Major Offshore contractors in Saudi Arabia.



Bolt torquing inspection is an important component of a dropped object survey, especially in offshore environments where loose or improperly secured bolts can pose a significant risk of falling objects. During the DROPS survey, technicians will identify and inspect all bolted connections on structures, equipment, and other components on the offshore rig. Our Technicians will use specialized tools such as torque wrenches and tension measuring devices to measure the torque or tension applied to bolts. This helps determine if the bolts are properly tightened to the required specifications and if any bolts are loose or at risk of failure. 

In addition to torque measurement, technicians will visually inspect the condition of bolts and the results of the bolt torquing inspection will be documented in a detailed report, including photographs, and descriptions of any issues found. Recommendations for corrective actions, such as re-torquing, replacement of bolts, or repairs, may also be provided. All the  technicians are ABS Approved NDT Technicians with LEEA Qualifications.

Areas that we typically cover on a full survey can include the following or be specific to your individual requirements :

Derricks & Masts
Travel/PH Equipment
Jack House & Legs
Rig Equipment

Our inspections are tailored to your DROPS programs such as:

Documenting equipment location by inspection area
Photographing each item surveyed
Describing each item surveyed
Inspecting and documenting primary securing methods
Inspecting and documenting secondary securing methods
DROPS remedial works