EIWAA is a well known third Party Inspection service provider in Lifting Equipment Inspection and certification, Non Destructive Testing ,NDT/NDE, Third Party Inspection of welding and painting, API 650 and API 653 Inspection &certification  of storage tank, API 570 Piping Inspection and certification, Mooring bollard load testing and certification etc. As a Digital service provider, we offers 3D Imaging,3D Scanning and Modeling, LiDAR Scanning, Revit BIM modeling, 3D Rendering, 3D Laser Scanning and 3D Measurement Service etc. In Marine 3D Applications, we offers 3D Scanning of Hull Air lubrication System Installation, Ballast Water Treatment System Installation, Exhaust Gas Scrubber Installation, Hull and Keel laser scanning in Ship building etc. Our professional team offers Total station, As built, Alignment Survey, 3D Measurement Service Dimensional control etc. in conversion  and retrofitting

engineering. LiDAR Scanning is also called 3D Scanning by 3D Scanner and Surveyor for performing building survey and REVIT Modeling and BIM Modeling services. Our Volume calibration Department provides Storage tank Calibration, Road Tanker calibration, Quantity survey, Pipeline calibration, Ullage, Sounding Survey, Tank Strapping , Dip stick supply, Dip chart supply, Settlement by LiDAR Scanning, Total station,3D Scanner  etc. Lifting Work Equipment Inspection and Lifting Gear Inspection is used to ensure the structural integrity and assessment of Lifting Equipment in both onshore and offshore.Leak Testing ,Leak Test and NDT Test used to detect leak detection of underground pipeline and buried pipeline.EIWAA provides engineering services in the areas of Design, Inspection, Calibration and Testing of oil and gas field equipment and structures. Our people are the key to our success. Our Professional team members are LEEA Approved Inspection Engineers, API Inspection Engineer, 3D Scanning Engineer, NDT Technician, Riggers, Rope Access Welder, Design Engineer, Naval Architects etc. That means having determined, dedicated employees with vision and imagination. We attract the very best individuals, rewarding them with great career opportunities and sharing with them our core values of realizing possibilities, achieving together and building trust.


To provide the highest quality inspection and technical services within Oil, Gas, Marine, Petrochemical and Power industry and to become the best preferred reliable choice of the industry. To accomplish this, we focus on providing customer focused quality service, delivering innovative solutions, creating operational excellence through our commitment to adhere with the code of practice, ethics and principles and our passion for continuing education for learning the newest innovations of the industry. Our Highest Quality and Professional services are Third Party Inspection, NDT/NDE Inspection Service, Storage tank Calibration, Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification,3D Scanning and Modeling, Detailed Engineering, Revit BIM Modeling, Spooling off and Reeving of crane wire rope, Socketing of wire rope, Hiring fleets for Spooling Winches, Hiring and supply of Water bag, Water weight etc.