EIWAA Marine Services is a third-party inspection services for performing Lifting Equipment Inspection Services, NDT Inspection, PRV Calibration, Rope Access etc. Lifting Inspection Services includes Pedestal Crane load testing Services, mooring bollard load testing Services, Pad eye Testing and Lifting Lug Inspection, Pull Testing and Anchor windlass load testing Inspection. Pedestal crane load testing Services shall be performed by Water weights load testing Services. All types of third-party Inspection and Testing Services in Saudi Arabia shall be approved by Major Ports of Saudi Arabia. Pressure Testing Services for Cargo hoses shall be performed by Hydro Testing Services at onboard vessels and Rigs. We are one of the major marine inspection company in Saudi Arabia providing Lifting Gear Inspection, NDT Testing and Pad eye load testing by Rope Access Services. As a major oil and gas services, we are approved by major storage tank terminal owners and Powerplants. We are providing third party inspection Services, Storage tank Calibration, Storage tank Inspection, Hydro Testing and Pressure Testing, Storage tank Settlement Survey etc. Piping and Pipeline Inspection Services includes Hydro testing and Pressure Testing Certification. Storage tank dimensional Services for finding out peaking/banding and tank verticality by Laser Measurement Services of 3D Scanning method and EODR Technique.