EIWAA is one of the top Welding Training Centre in Saudi Arabia by conducting various welding courses, welding training and Welding Certification Services. The purpose of the welding course in Saudi Arabia is to familiarize students with the knowledge, skills, and career opportunities in the welding fabrications. Focus is made on the technical and useful applications of shielded metal arc welding, flux core arc welding, gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, and oxy fuel-acetylene cutting processes. In Brief, EIWAA Marine is the AWS approved Welding Training Institute and Welder Training Centre in Saudi Arabia for providing 3rd Party Welder testing and third party welder certification services.

The essential weld positions, type of joints, and possible welding defects will also be recognized and learned by the students. Knowledge of oxy-fuel cutting will enable students to identify the process and safe operation. Students will demonstrate cutting, adjusting, and lighting using oxy fuel cutting and welding. Welding Learners will be able to identify and understand the common risks related to the oxyfuel cutting and welding process. Various welding qualification level and welding certification services are available including TIG Welding Arc Welding and MIG/MAG certifications.


EIWAA Marine Services is approved by IACS classification Societies as well as AWS membership. We will supply a sample specimen drawing of the welding test coupon with dimensional details of welding bevel angle, root face, and root gap. A welding inspector will check the welding test coupon for misalignment, root gaps, and other check points before welding. All the major marine companies in Saudi Arabia can now qualify their welders as IACS Certified welders through our public sessions. Welders are qualified at various levels in accordance with ARAMCO/IACS Standards through our third-party welder testing services. Based on both the PQR and WPS qualifications, welder ID cards and certificates will be provided. After welder qualification testing services in Saudi Arabia, we will be subject to the test coupon for further non-destructive testing services and NDT Inspection Services as per the code requirements.


Our services include Welding procedure qualification, procedure qualification approval, NDT testing services of radiography test, mechanical testing of weld specimen, Welder Qualification Testing Services and Welder Certification Services. We are an AWS Accredited Welding Training Institute in the Saudi Arabia. In accordance with AWS/ASME SEC IX and BS EN Standards, we provide welding courses and training for Pipe Welder Qualification Test, 6G Welder Qualification Testing Services, and other welding certification services as a third-party certification service. HVAC companies may certify their brazing operators for various brazing positions with the help of our brazing qualification testing services.

In addition to recording the welding parameters at each welding layer—current, voltage, travel speed, preheat temperature, and interpass temperature—the welding inspector will witness the welder performance. For the Procedure Qualification Record, the visually qualified weld coupon will be chosen for both the mechanical and radiography testing. The Procedure Qualification Record process will begin as soon as the test result satisfies the code requirements of the AWS/ASME/BS EN standards. Records of PQR Qualification will be used to prepare the WPS Welding Procedure.