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Dimensional Control

The primary objective of EIWAA’s 3D laser scanning and dimensional control services is to give superior and cost-effective advantages to any onshore or offshore developments by applying tried-and-true engineering techniques and non-contact devices. Our customers can tackle new engineering challenges in the construction or fabrication of offshore assets with the help of our onshore and offshore surveying services.

Services for 2D and 3D Modeling: 2D and 3D Modeling supplies as-built conditions quickly and safely.

Dimensional Control Services: Dimensional Control collects exact 3D scanning data & total station survey data for new or ongoing mechanical, structural, and offshore projects by combining established engineering methods with total station survey ,3D Scanning and 3D laser scanning technology. Services for 3D laser scanning high-definition surveying are used in retrofitting engineering or conversion projects for BWTS installation on ships and vessels, scrubber installations, piping design and layout for plants, development of P &ID diagrams, and BIM modeling, among other things. We will convert each scan file to LFM Software so that we may view the laser scan data and browse it, extract dimensional information, do modeling, or make it easier to integrate with CAD applications.


Methodology behind Alignment survey including field measurement to place target points by prism methods and coordinates of xyz data collection for the profile of rail ,elevation and span may generate. Methods of alignment survey helps maximum reliability and productivity. It helps to reduce repair and maintenance cost and it is used in Industrial purposes mainly for, are Vessel and conveyor, Spud Can, Crane and Shaft


With the aid of the most recent 3D laser scanning technology, point cloud surveys are performed as part of the EIWAA’s digital survey service, which offers a comprehensive data capture service by laser scanning or EODR Methodology 3D Laser Surveys for Tank Shell Settlement and Foundation Settlement Survey, Tank Dimension Survey and Roof & Floor Deviations measurement. 3D Oil Tank Scanning methods are used to measure Peaking and banding, Verticality, and Plumpness etc. Floor Evaluation, Shell and Edge Settlement, Rafter and Girder Analysis by 3D Imaging Method. and analysis of the Floating Roof Gap and Rim Space by 3D Rendering are the tank 3D measurement techniques.


As built survey as the name itself indicates that “as it is built“ for a specific time. As built survey of building records the variation of a building structure and it facilitate to know the present conditions by providing fast & accurate floor plan drawings, elevation drawings, cross section drawings etc. Applications in plants are Add/removal of equipment’s in the existing structures, Clash detection between the existing and present 3D Plan, 3D model Generation, Revamping, Piping plan layout preparation, Racking layout, Pipe connections, Piping Structure surveys, Piping layout preparation, As built conditions of piping and piping structures, Survey Pipe racks etc.


In Dimensional survey, total station and 3D Laser scanner are used for measuring the dimension by remote/non contact measurement method for oil gas, industrial,offshore and onshore field. Dimensional Survey are used for following applications/areas, of Construction Survey, Deformation survey, Leveling survey, Oil and Gas Refinery, Petrochemical plants, On shore and offshore dimensional measurements, Dimensional Inspection and certification, 3D Dimensional survey and Measurement etc.


Total station is an electro optical instrument using survey and surveying purposes to know as built condition and it is used for measuring geometrical parameters, Angles, distance and coordinate measurements with auto corrections by advanced laser scanning methods. Total station measurement for alignments and tiltness of storage tanks as built condition, Coordinate measurements in remote access areas are performed by trained surveyor. Total station survey of piping system and Piping Racks in Refineries and Plants., Re furnishments and Retrofitting projects,Distance Measurements by Surveyor, Total station survey for building constructions, Straightness survey of Rail and Crane, Construction Survey, Total Station Survey of Bridges, Shaft Dimension Survey by trained surveyor, Structural Dimension Inspection of as built condition etc. are comes under the scope of Measurement survey.