Leak Testing

EIWAA offers  underground pipeline leak testing, Storage tank leak test and electrical leakage Testing etc.in refineries, Petro chemical facilities, mining industry and petroleum/storage tank terminal etc. Leak Testing of buried pipeline shall includes pressure testing, acoustic emission testing and Storage tank leak detection methods are measuring pressure test and vacuum box test. Pressure test can be conduct by placing two pressure gauges simultaneously to measure the difference as well as vacuum box testing by creating vacuum & applying soap bubble solution. Vacuum Box testing shall be performed by using corner vacuum box and flat corner box in order to observe the leakages in storage tank. Corner vacuum box testing is used to measure the leakages of fillet weld joints in between the tank shell and bottom plate. Flat corner vacuum box are used to measure the leakages of weld joints in between the bottom plate and annular plate of storage tank. Compressed air is supplied by vacuum pump which is supplied along with flat corner box. For Corner vacuum box testing, air supply by compressor of sufficient capacity which is arranged by the customer or by EIWAA. Thermography testing inspection are performed by thermographer used to measure the temperature difference of electrical components or panel switch board as a part of predictive maintenance inspection. Temperature difference by thermography test are evaluated by color difference in pictorial representation of electrical reports. Advanced software’s are used to measure and representing values of accurate thermography results. Helium  testing of heat exchanger tubes and plants are measured by either sniffer methods and manual methods .Helium leak detection  test ae used to measure the leakage testing of condenser, Power plant equipment’s, Heat exchangers etc. Helium leakage Service are widely used in Underground storage tank, Above Ground storage tank, Gas Scrubbers, Cabinets, Gas distribution lines, Power cables, Refineries etc.