NDT Inspection Services

EIWAA offers Non Destructive Testing and Non destructive evaluation of weld joints by either conventional NDT Test or Advanced NDT Testing Service. Conventional NDT Inspection mainly  Magnetic Particle Test, Dye Penetrant Test, Ultrasonic Scanning  Inspection, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging ,Leak Test, Vacuum Box Test, Ferrite Test and Portable Hardness Test. Magnetic Particle Inspection and Dye Penetrant Test shall be used for mainly to identify the linear welding defects/surface cracks which is open to the atmosphere. Magnetic Particle Test/MPI Examination shall be used for ferrite materials for identifying the welding defects working by the principle of Magnetic Flux leakage by magnetizing the components either by using Permanent magnetic Yoke or electrical Yoke. Non Destructive Evaluation for Surface crack identification of Engine parts ,Gear Components or Drilling tools can be determined by Fluorescent MPI Examination using fluorescent consumables and Electric Yoke of 110 V or 220 V Capacity. Dye Penetrant Test shall be used for surface crack identification or determine the welding defects of ferrite as well as non ferrous materials. As a part of repair welding procedure preparation, NDT Testing of Penetrant examination and magnetic particle testing are used.

Ultrasound Scanning or Ultrasonic scanning examination are widely used to determine the volumetric welding defect of ferrous and non-ferrous welding joints .In AWS D1.1 or ASME SEC IX Welding standard/code, Ultrasonic scanning Examination is used instead of Radiography Test especially in Residential areas where X Rays  are harmful to  humans. Vacuum Box Test are widely used to determine the leakages of weld joints  by creating vacuum using Flat vacuum box and corner vacuum box testing method. It is a commonly  used leak detection method in storage tank and ship hull weld joints in oil and gas & Marine field. Leak test by Non destructive testing method is either Acoustic Emission leak test, Vacuum Box Testing  and Pressure variation leak testing method. In Material analysis by NDT Testing method are PMI by X Ray Fluorescence analysis  method. EIWAA using destructive method of Optical Emission Spectrograph method and is called PMI With Carbon method for material identification. EIWAA provides Advanced Electro Magnetic Rope Testing ,MRT Inspection, EMAG Inspection of Wire ropes, Magnetic Flux leakage of Storage tank Bottom Plates as per API 650/API 653 Inspection, Eddy Current Weld Inspection ,Eddy Current Tube Inspection, ACFM Inspection of weld joints ,Noise Survey, Thermography Inspection  Vibration Monitoring and Vibration Analysis etc.by PCN/ASNT Level II Certified Personnel.