EIWAA Marine Services provides third party inspection, NDT Testing and NDT Inspection Services of ACFM Inspection Service in Saudi Arabia either by normal access or Rope Access Services. We are providing other alternative NDT Inspection Services of Magnetic Particle Inspection, Dye Penetrant Inspection and Eddy Current Testing Inspection etc. by Rope Access in offshore rigs. ACFM Inspection is required where the marine structures are covered with paint coating of more than 2 mm thickness and covered with marine barnacles.Whether the component is painted or coated, ACFM Inspection, also known as Alternating Current Field Measurements, is used to measure and characterize surface cracks in welds or the parent material. For ACFM Inspection of rigs, platforms, and jackets, EIWAA Marine Services is a top Advanced NDT Inspection provider. The ACFM Inspection Services are approved by significant oil corporations such as PDO, QATAR Gas, ADNOC, and ARAMCO. Our ACFM Inspection method combines the benefits of the alternating current potential drop (ACPD) method and Eddy Current testing for size and detecting surface cracks

Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM)


  • The size of faults is evaluated by using ACFM Inspection, which analyzes depth up to 25mm thick and provides length information.
  • There are minimal surface preparation needs for ACFM Inspection, and it can be used over paint or other coatings.
  • Welds and parent materials can be inspected using ACFM Inspection in both surface level and underwater inspections.


  • We frequently employ our ACFM Inspection Service in rigs, platforms, Vessels, ships, and offshore structures
  • The following are some of the uses for ACFM Inspection: size and detection of fatigue cracks and hydrogen cracking.
  • The aerospace industry uses ACFM Inspection for gears, gear teeth, crankshafts, cylinder heads, turbines, and other parts at fillet weld joints of offshore and onshore units.