EIWAA Architectural Engineering provides Topographical survey services utilizing additional services such as alignment surveys, as-built surveys, and total station surveys to ensure precise measurements of newly constructed buildings as well as oil and gas projects. EIWAA Engineering Survey Services is the best Topographical Survey Services in Saudi Arabia by offering Total Station Survey, Alignment Survey and asbuilt survey. In marine, oil and gas power plants, refineries and other locations, topographic survey services are necessary to confirm a site’s as-built conditions, position, height, and elevations. Architects and engineers employ topographic surveys in conjunction with boundary surveys to create accurate and appropriate designs that consider the existing conditions.

The scope of Topographical Survey services includes gathering data on all natural and man-made land features of building and heritages. As an architectural design firm in the Saudi Arabia, we commit to provide BIM modeling services, AutoCAD drafting services, Revit MEP services, and structural BIM services. Being the leading topographic survey company in the Saudi Arabia, we constantly offer additional services including LiDAR 3D mapping, Building Information Modeling, Revit modeling, 3D laser scanning, and 3D imaging.

Topographical Survey saudi


As the name implies, as built survey services are performed on-site during a specific time frame. To facilitate understanding of the present situation, building asbuilt survey services offer quick and accurate floor plans and drawings. A skilled total station survey includes a total station to measure coordinates in remote areas to ascertain the tilt and alignment of marine and power plant equipment in its installed condition.

Major Surveying Engineering Services in Saudi Arabia are,

  • Boundary Survey
  • Stake out Survey.
  • Level Survey
  • Settlement Survey
  • Excavation and pipeline Survey
  • Soil Quantity Survey
  • Asbuilt Pipeline Survey


Being a Topographical Survey Company in Saudi Arabia, we are always pleased to offer every stage of the laser scan to BIM service, such as laser measurement, 3D modeling, LiDAR 3D scanning, and Revit Architecture Modeling. Power plants, refineries, and civil architectural buildings frequently use our third-party engineering surveying services of topographical surveying services, total station surveying services and as-built survey services. Our architectural design services in architecture engineering include topography services, 3D rendering services, as-built drawing services and 3D scanning services.A drawing that indicates the precise boundaries of a property is called a land survey. In addition, a survey will specify the size and position of any buildings or other site enhancements on the land.