Ship/Barge tank Calibration:

A process of correctly calculating the cargo tank volume in order to estimate the precise cargo or products, whether in liquid or solid form, is known as ship cargo tank calibration, also known as Ullage survey.
Ship’s tank When gathering precise tank capacity measurements from the cargo tank calibration measurements, calibration is the process of surveying the cargo tank.

Ship Tank Calibration Saudi

Ullage Survey :

The space between a cargo tank’s liquid surface and its inner top surface is referred to as ullage. The internal tank volume, also known as the edge of an ullage hole, is used to create the ship’s ullage tables. Sophisticated EODR (Electro Optical Distance Ranging Method) measurements allow us to determine the ullage survey measurements in a cargo tank in a variety of ways.

We can determine the ullage survey measurements in a cargo tank and create an ullage survey chart or dip chart in compliance with IACS regulations by employing sophisticated EODR (Electro Optical Distance Ranging Method) measurements. The most precise, dependable, and quick laser measurement technologies are used by EIWAA.

International Approach used: MPMS 2.8.A of API .For ullage measurements, pipes and gauge points are measured with great precision. When a ship is not on an even keel, it is vitally important to make corrections for ship list and trim as well as the final calibration tables in ullage and innage. For integration into ship software for radar and automatic gauging, all data are also transmitted electronically. All classification organizations accredited by the IACS accept our calibration tables.

Sounding Survey:

The term “sounding” refers to the measurement of a liquid’s depth in a tank from its surface to a fixed point at the bottom of the tank. Ship may need sounding table or ullage survey data as part of the cargo tank calibrations for loading/discharging the products. Our skilled naval architects and marine engineers can determine the sounding table or trip capacity table in cargo ships using EIWAA’s cutting-edge tank gauging system software.