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At EIWAA, we are committed to shaping customer’s priorities by providing quick and customized engineering solutions – both offshore and onshore. We are uniquely positioned to deliver greater efficiency across project life cycles from concept to project delivery and beyond.

EIWAA Marine Inspection Company is the Quality Service provider for Third Party Inspection and Certification, Lifting Equipment Inspection, NDT Inspection Services, Rope Access, Engineering Survey, 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling, Onsite Calibration Services and Pressure Testing in Saudi Arabia. We are the one-stop solution provider for oil and gas services, Offshore Marine Services, and Civil Architectural Engineering Survey Services.

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Lifting Equipment Inspection

Pedestal Crane load testing by water weights, Lifting Gear Inspection, Pull Testing, Bollard load testing & lifting lug Inspection Services.

Non-Destructive Testing

Condition Monitoring NDT Inspection Services of Thermography Inspection, Noise Survey, Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection.

Rope Access Service

Industrial climbing services by IRATA/IACS Approved Rope Access Technicians for Lifting Gear Inspection, Lifting lug & NDT Inspection

Topographical Survey

LiDAR Scanning, 3D Laser scanning and Total station Survey for Laser measurement Services, Asbuilt Survey & Alignment Survey

BIM Modeling

3D Modeling and Revit Modeling followed by Architectural Building Survey of cultural & heritages and Scan to BIM services.

Storage Tank Calibration

Storage tank calibration and Marine Calibration Services of PRV Calibration, Gas Detection Calibration and Pressure Testing.



EIWAA Oil and Gas services in Saudi Arabia provide Inspection, Testing, Calibration, Engineering Survey, and Training Certification for major oil and Gas companies.

We commit to providing Third Party Inspection, NDT Inspection, Rope Access, Storage tank Calibration, Welder Qualification Test, Lifting Courses, and Pressure Testing Services in Saudi Arabia.


To provide reliable quality inspection and technical services within the marine services; we are committed to providing Inspection, Testing, onboard Calibration, Engineering Survey, Training and Certification Services.

With marine classification approvals from ABS, BV, Lloyd’s Register, IRS and major port approvals; we are committed to providing Lifting Equipment Inspection, NDT/NDE inspection, Water Weights load testing, Rope Access Services, Gas Detection Calibration Services etc.


EIWAA Architectural Engineering Services mainly deals with Engineering Surveys and Analysis.

The EIWAA Surveying Engineering Team commits to providing 3D laser scanning, topographical surveys, Revit modeling, BIM modeling and LiDAR scanning services in the setting of civil and architectural building constructions.


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