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Rope Access Repair and Maintenance Service:

EIWAA had Rope Access Electricians who specialize in installing and maintaining electrical fittings or fixtures, mounting extraction fans on stacks and rig structures, installing 3-phase motors, mounting lightning conductors on the tops of rig assets, installing CCTV cameras and setting up cameras, LED conversions, cable tray installation, electrical inspections, electrical wiring, etc. The wiring, equipment, appliances, and other electrical or electronic components of rigs and vessels can be assembled, evaluated, tested, and maintained by rope access electricians in an offshore environment. Rope access electricians are responsible for finding and resolving issues with damaged equipment, devices, and electrical appliances, among other things, by combining hand tools and blueprints to build and produce goods. Offshore and onshore  tank cleaning and tank refurbishing activities, among other services, are provided by EIWAA Rope Access Services for storage tank cleaning, maintenance, and inspection. Professional tank cleaning and maintenance is performed by our IRATA Certified Rope Access Technicians in line with all applicable municipal, environmental, health, and safety regulations. Storage tanks are frequently found to contain significant amounts of beneficial but potentially hazardous substances. Inspection plays a significant role in the integrity management of storage tanks. As part of the examination, details concerning the tank’s condition will be given.  Scope of rope access specialist service is important in tank cleaning are Opening storage tanks for interior inspection is a time-consuming and difficult process because entry must first be made possible by emptying and cleaning the tank, which will make the tank unavailable for the inside inspection. Qualified Rope Access specialist welders are approved with Marine classification societies approval of BV,ABS and LR for fabrication and welding of marine and offshore structures.3RD Party Approved Rope Access welder are certified in Shield Metal Arc welding(SMAW) ,Tungsten Inert Gas Welding(TIG) and Metal Inert Gas Welding(MIG) all welding position.Bolt torquing and Bolt tensioning spider access teams are equipped with advanced torque wrenches of wide diameter ranges and torque values and the tensioning equipment approved with BS EN Standard.