To reduce the costs associated with both time-consuming and expensive scaffolding systems, EIWAA Marine Service can offer a wide range of inspection and maintenance services with the help of Rope Access service. EIWAA Marine Services is approved by all major IACS classification societies with ISO/IEC 17020 accreditations and major port approvals. EIWAA Marine Services offers Inspection and Testing Services by Spider access and Rope Access Services including NDT Inspection Services, Bolt Torquing, Dropped Object Survey, Lifting Gear inspection and Pad Eye Load Testing. EIWAA Marine Services sets itself apart from other maritime services by offering NDT inspection services, lifting equipment inspection services, and rope access services all under one roof. 


EIWAA Marine Services is a one-stop solution for lifting inspection, non-destructive testing and rope access services. In offshore rigs and vessels, spider access services are typically utilized for pre-post non-destructive testing (NDT) services such as pedestal crane load testing or lifting equipment inspection. Every NDT technician possesses the necessary qualifications from IRATA and ASNT Level II/PCN/ISO certifications. When scaffolding is not cost-effective, spider access services are utilized for storage tank inspections as well as offshore pedestal crane load testing services. Rope Access Inspection Services also include offshore repair and maintenance services of  bolt Torquing Inspection and Dropped Object Survey Services.


EIWAA rope access specialist are well-versed in a variety of skills and training related to working at heights. EIWAA may help with the technical planning of your facility by examining or delivering technical drawings, safe work plans, rigging plans, special access/rescue plans, and other essential documentation. Rope access maintenance and repair service offers a safe and useful alternative for welding in a hard-to-reach place. We frequently help our clients minimize the costs and risks associated with scaffold or mobile work platforms. We have a fully-equipped crew of trained rope access welding experts who can handle any welding project we take on. Our success is built on careful project management and pre-job surveys. EIWAA takes the necessary time to map out each project’s requirements to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation. Spider Access Inspection includes  MPI Inspection, UT scanning inspection, Dye Penetrant Examination and Lifting gear Inspection etc.