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  • 3D Laser scanning and Modeling of plant Saudi Arabia
  • 3D Laser Scanning Services for Oil Refinery Saudi Arabia
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  • 3D Laser scanning and Modeling of plant Bahrain
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LIDAR Scanning: 3D Scanning and 3D Building Scanning Services

With an accuracy of at least 1/8 inch, a long range 3D scanner can quickly and accurately scan an entire building. Your design, engineering, construction, building, or documentation project can be more productive and less expensive with 3D scanning services from EIWAA.



An extremely precise way to record an existing building’s as-built conditions is by 3D laser scanning or LiDAR Scanning. We can produce an as-built model with any level of detail you require using these precise dimensions. Our skilled modeling team swiftly produces high-quality, fully functional models using a process known as “scan-to-BIM.” QA/QC is used continuously to make sure you get the high-quality outcome you want. There are also more formats, such as AutoCAD DWG, Navisworks, STP, Solid works, and many others. All the layout of radiators, convectors, ventilating equipment, standpipes, etc. which are to be preserved during the scanning and as a pert of REVIT MEP structures. By REVIT MEP program, Capable to coordinate and communicate design in a single model prior to the MEP Constructions.


There are three techniques to produce 2D drawings for a 3D laser scanning project: are Exporting a BIM model, Directly Create point cloud from 3D scan, 3D Building Scanning Services by slices for immediate visualization.  We can use BIM software like Revit Architecture to produce standard drawings after developing the 3D CAD model. Through the exact building information/BIM Modeling, data helps to save time. By giving general contractors and architects as-built documentation of the areas being developed, it helps in the planning of construction projects.


To create an accurate model of a building or building information modeling in its current state, point cloud scanning collects millions of data points in space. Within CAD design software, you can use that point cloud data on its own for your projects. With the help of our 3D laser scanning services, we can produce highly accurate data about laser-scanned structures, architectural elements, and complex site topography.

Power Plant 3D Scanning
Power plant scale and complexity necessitate the use of high-speed 3D Scanner with a long range and high level of accuracy for Power Plant 3D Scanning . Engineers working on power plants can benefit greatly from 3D laser scanning technologies. Engineers may create intricate retrofits and upgrades that fit perfectly when installed by using a digital 3D scan for as-built information, preventing expensive and frequently unavoidable technical mistakes or miscalculations due to power plant 3D Scanning data.


Mode of operation of power plant 3D Scanning or LiDAR Scanning is the data capturing in 360 degree sweep of all nearby piping, plant equipment’s, storage tanks in a single scan. By merging and modeling of scanned data sections of plant may 3D Imaging in a day. Scan intervals are accurate to ¼” from a distance of 100 meter or more; resulting highly dense accurate as built data. 3D Scan data extract to CAD Model, Panoramic Image, Ortho Image, and other useful project requirements.

SCAN TO BIM Modeling :
This is the process of converting point clouds into a for Autodesk Revit Architecture model. In comparison to conventional methods, the process converts 3D laser scanning data into a BIM modeling or building information modeling more faster. It is the only viable option for architects and engineers to record an as-built model and drawings as a part of BIM Engineering. An accurate digital representation of the existing building is created from the scanned data. A Modeler may transform the scan data into an as-built model .

SCAN TO BIM Service:

Almost any project involving a building that is in the construction phase can benefit from using building information modeling or Scan to BIM Services . These are the situations, such as acquiring as-built models for a hotel renovation, redesigning a hospital floor, or demolishing an office building. But there are other applications as well, like organizing escape routes and figuring out how much room is needed for ventilation and fire systems. Assessing the status of building projects is significantly simpler with Building Information Modeling or by BIM Engineering. A 3D laser scanner is first used to gather data. The point cloud captures the current state of the building project. Using programs like Autodesk Navisworks, makes it possible to compare the design model with the scan data. All of this information is tracked in Building information model, confirming that the building complies.

3D CAD Modeling &BIM Model :

What are deliverables of 3D Scanning and LiDAR Scanning..?


Using 3D laser scanning, getting an as-built model is simple. Our scanning and modeling teams will set to work as soon as you let them know how much detail you require. You will receive a very accurate representation of the as built condition that you may use to create your project design and engineering models, whether it is LOD200, LOD300, or LOD400.


We can scan a significant portion of your Plant in a single day by quick scanning and precise point clouds that our 3D scanner can produce. With great productivity, our skilled team of CAD modelers extracts from scan the piping, conduit, structure, valves, pumps, storage tank, and everything else you require. Any level of detail (LOD) you select for this modeling can be completed and giving you As built 3D model that accurately captures the existing structures.


Models with high interoperability can be produced and used in AutoCAD and other CAD software.  Your As-Built drawings can be updated or totally recreated by using 3D scanning if they are outdated or nonexistent. A variety of file formats are available for CAD models produced from 3D Scans. You decide what components and how much detail you want to view in the CAD model. Depending on the objectives of the project, CAD modeling might be done for the complete facility or simply a specific sector by using Autodesk TrueView, to see these CAD models.

BIM 360

Our scanners use on-board HDR color cameras to take 360-degree panoramic images for BIM Engineering or BIM 360 detailing in addition to point clouds. Softwares of Autodesk Recap or Leica Truview to view these pictures of BIM 360. When you require high resolution images from every scan site, the panoramic photographs are fantastic.


From 3D scan data, floor plans and elevation drawings can be produced by 3D Building scanning services. In order to create floor plans for space planning or achieving building permits, our customers have used scanning and get the basic line drawings, which you can then customize to suit your drafting style.