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Storage tank Inspection and Fit to Use Certification:

Storage-tank inspections cover both in-service and out-of-service inspections of above- and below-ground, vertical and horizontal tanks. An indepth condition report on the entire tank floor, shell, roof, and structure is provided using a variety of techniques, including finite element analysis in

line with API 653 & 650 and other pertinent standards. At the tank construction stage, engineering and inspection. We can offer Design Review and Approval, Tank Settlement Survey, Inspection and Approval of Civil Work, Welder Qualification Test and Welding Procedure Qualification, Other Relevant NDT Test, Third Party Inspection and Certification of Pipelines, etc. during the construction stage.

During the construction stage we can provide Design Review and Approval, Tank settlement survey, Civil work inspection and approvals, Welder Qualification Test and Welding Procedure Qualification, Other relevant NDT Test, Third Party Inspection and Certification of Pipe lines etc.

As a part of In service Inspection, we provide the following services of Dimensional Survey, Conventional and Advanced NDT Services etc.

  • Remaining Life assessment as a part of tank Inspection Services.
  • Inspection at Periodic Inspection Intervals as per API 653.
  • Fit to Use Certification (API 653).
  • API 650/API 620/API 653(Internal and External Inspection) Inspection Services.
  • Thickness monitoring (TML’s) of tank shell during/In service.
  • Shell integrity assessment during the in service inspection.
  • Foundation settlement.
  • Out-of-Service tank Inspection.
  • Lining Inspection.
  • Fitness for service evaluation.
  • Vacuum box testing and Pressure testing /Hydro Test Inspection.
  • Conventional NDT s of MPI Test, Dye Penetrant Test, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Inspection(UTG), Ultrasonic Scanning Inspection(UTS) etc…
  • Advanced NDT ‘s of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing(PAUT)/Time of Flight Diffraction(TOFD), MFL Inspection in Tank Floor Scanning, Acoustic Emission Testing(AET), Short Range Wave ultrasonic Testing (SR UT), Tank Shell plate corrosion Mapping(Scorpion B Scan Inspection and Rope Access Services) etc.

EIWAA is an expert at examining floating roof tank while they are in use using cutting-edge laser technologies and methodologies to carry out the dimensional survey & settlement analysis in accordance with API 653 Standards. Realtime scanned images will assist with maintenance, significant repairs, and replacements in accordance with API 653/650 Standards.

  • Surveys of floor and roof deviations.
  • Deflections in the radii
  • Peaking and banding.
  • Analyses of tank floors.
  • Surveys of the settlement of tank shells and edges.
  • Analyses of tank columns.
  • Tank 3 Dimensional survey
  • Seal gaps in the floating roof tank are being surveyed.
  • Analysis of the Winder Girder and Rafter.
  • Gap and rim space study of a floating roof tank.
  • Analysis of tank strapping for volume certifications.
  • Survey of tank settlement.
  • Tank Tilt
  • Tank Ovality Measurement
  • Tank Roundness Measurement.

Services for Engineering:

Design and Drawing Preparation (API 650)
Fit for Service-
Analysis Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Providing expert witnesses