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Supply/Rental fleet of Water Weights & Lifting Accessories: 

Water bags Rental Services

Water bag test weights, proof load testing water weight  for offshore crane inspection, remote type digital dynamometer load cells, slings and shackles for lifting inspection, etc. are all provided by EIWAA, a global offshore rental company. Our offshore rental fleet offers rental services for DNV, BV, ABS approved water proof bag or water filled test weight in capacities ranging from 2 tons to 110 tons, with remote type digital dynamometer load cells connecting with shackles and slings. As an alternative to solid test weights, water-filled load testing bag are used in the marine and offshore industries to examine lifting and work equipment. Water proof bag are lightweight, compact, and easy to handle in inaccessible areas. Heavy machinery inspection or work equipment inspection that complies with LOLER and PUWER inspection criteria uses a water filled load testing bag or load testing water weight connected to lifting accessories as proof load testing. as a significant marine/oilfield load testing business. The rigging and signaling operations, the preparation of rigging plans, lifting plans, the preparation of load testing procedures, the preparation of work equipment procedures, etc. will be performed by EIWAA’s LEEA-approved inspection engineers and OPITO-approved riggers using the safe operation and handling of water bags, water filled test weight, marine lifting bags, water filled bags, digital dynamometer load cells, lifting beams,spreader beams etc. As one of the best offshore rental companies in Saudi Arabia (KSA), the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, and Angola, we constantly provide calibrated water filled load testing bag for rental, sausage bags for rental, handheld digital load cells for dynamometers for rental, heavy lifting slings for rental, and grommet slings/shackles for rental in order to satisfy periodic heavy lifting equipment inspection requirements. With swift mobilization and round-the-clock technical support, EIWAA is the one-stop solution for lifting tool rental services, including water bags and dynamometer load cell connecting with shackles and slings that facilitate equipment inspections and certifications. Proof load Water Bags rental service with additional lifting accessories is a core activity  of EIWAA’s Load test equipment hiring service fleet. Our Load test equipment hiring service includes Water bags rental service, Dynamometer and lifting accessories rental services with lifting plan and rigging plan by competitive LEEA Inspection Engineers.

Hiring of Load Cells: EIWAA’s load cell hire fleet using in lifting, weighing and load measurement purposes comprises both compression and tension load cell of capacities ranges from 5 tons to 500 tons. Hiring services of load cells ranges from 5 Ton, 12.5Ton,25Ton, 50 Ton, 100 Ton, 120 and 500 Ton with transportation.

Test weight Rental: EIWAA rents calibrated test weights/ steel blocks of capacity 20 kg and 25 kg for uniformly distributed loading applications in lifting inspection industry. Calibrated steel test blocks with appropriate dimensions made stacking easily.

Gangway test water bags Rental: Individual /Small water bags are used for the testing of gangways, ladders and other long structures. EIWAA provides hiring services of water bags having individual capacities ranges from 400 Liter,650 Liter and 1300 Liter etc.