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Water bags Rental Services

A worldwide provider of offshore equipment rental services in Saudi Arabia, EIWAA Marine Services offers a variety of services including Water Weights Rental, proof load testing bags hiring services etc. Pedestal Crane load testing shall be performed by water weights load testing services. Water bag test weights, proof load testing water weight  for offshore crane inspection, remote type digital dynamometer load cells, slings and shackles for lifting inspection are all provided by EIWAA offshore rental company. Our offshore rental fleet offers rental services for DNV, BV, ABS approved water proof bag or water filled test weight in capacities ranging from 2 tons to 110 tons..Our offshore rental fleet of load test equipment hiring service with water filled test weights offers water bag rental services in Saudi Arabia offers remote type digital dynamometer load cells connecting with shackles and slings for water weights testing service. Proof load water bag capacities range from 2 tons to 110 tons. In the maritime and offshore industries, water-filled weight bags, also known as test weights, are used as an alternative to solid test weights for heavy lifting inspection services and work equipment inspection.



EIWAA Marine rental Services offers a fleet of water weight bags and a dynamometer load cell  rental in a range of capacities and sizes to make pedestal crane load testing and certification simple. We provide lifting inspection services as well as lifting accessories inspection services in Saudi Arabia through our water weight rental services. These services include water bag testing, load testing bag hiring, rigging plans, lifting plans, spreading bars, and other water bag testing services. In heavy lifting inspection services in Saudi Arabia, we provide lifting accessories rental services of calibrated water filled load testing bag, sausage bags,, handheld digital  dynamometer load cell, heavy lifting slings etc.Our Load test equipment hiring service includes Water bags rental service, Dynamometer and lifting accessories rental services with lifting plan and rigging plan by competitive LEEA Inspection Engineers.

As a marine service provider in Saudi Arabia, we provide a comprehensive range of services of water weight testing, lifting gear inspection, pedestal crane load testing, water bag load testing, Pull Testing and other third-party inspection and certification related to marine services. Water Weights load testing services carry out proof load testing of pedestal cranes in both maritime ports of Saudi Arabia and offshore areas in compliance with LOLER, PUWER, LEEA, and IMO requirements. Being the best marine service provider in Saudi Arabia, we constantly offer further non-destructive testing and rope access services.

Rental fleet of Lifting Accessories may range from,

  • Water Weights of 2 ton to 110 ton
  • Spreader bar rental from 100 ton to 500 ton
  • Hiring of Dynamometer load cell ranges from 5 ton to 250 ton
  • Sausage Bag of 400 Kg each.
  • Test weights 
  • Gangway test water bags
  • Air lifting bags


EIWAA Marine Services is approved by all the Major Ports of Saudi Arabia, Shipyards and Offshore. We have plenty of water bags for performing heavy lifting inspection services and Pedestal Crane load testing. All the lifting technicians are qualified by LEEA and equivalent examinations.