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  • Marine Crane load test Saudi Arabia
  • Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification Saudi Arabia
  • Water bag load test Saudi Arabia
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  • Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification Bahrain
  • Water bag load test Bahrain


EIWAA Marine Services offers Lifting Equipment Inspection and Lifting Gear Inspection, NDT Testing, Rope Access & Pedestal Crane load testing in Saudi Arabia by Water Weights load testing Services. EIWAA Marine Services is a third-party lifting inspection company that specializes in crane load testing, lifting equipment inspection, lifting gear inspection, lifting lug pull-out testing, pad eye testing etc. Lifting equipment inspection services are essential for ensuring the safety and compliance of equipment used in various industries. These lifting equipment inspections in Saudi Arabia help identify any potential issues or hazards with lifting equipment, such as cranes, hoists, and slings, to prevent accidents and ensure proper functioning. Performing heavy lifting inspections with water weights in offshore operations is a critical process to ensure safety and compliance. Water weights are commonly used as a substitute for traditional solid weights because they can be easily filled and emptied, making them convenient for offshore environments. As per the LEEA and LOLER regulations, lifting equipment inspection services shall be performed based on the prior approval of lifting plan and rigging plan. After the water weights load testing services, Post NDT Inspection Services of Eddy current testing shall be performed by Rope Access Services. EIWAA is approved by all the major Ports of Saudi Arabia, NEOM and Drilling companies.

Lifting Equipment Inspection Saudi


In offshore rig operations, ensuring the safety and reliability of pedestal cranes is a critical aspect of maintaining operational efficiency. Pedestal crane load testing is a crucial procedure that validates the crane’s capacity to lift and handle heavy loads in challenging offshore environments. EIWAA Marine Services in Saudi Arabia offers comprehensive lifting inspection services using the lifting and rigging combination of water weights and dynamometer load cells. Water weights are utilized as a safe and versatile means of applying controlled loads to the crane. The use of water as a counterbalance allows for precise weight adjustments and minimizes the risks associated with traditional solid weights. This method ensures that the pedestal crane load testing services  are conducted with utmost safety and accuracy while minimizing impact on the surrounding environment. In conjunction with water weights, we employ dynamometer load cells to measure and record the actual forces experienced by the crane during the load testing process. By utilizing water weights and dynamometer load cells, our pedestal crane load testing services offer a superior alternative to traditional testing methods, providing accurate and actionable insights into the performance of offshore rig cranes. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and support to our clients, helping them ensure the safety and reliability of their pedestal cranes under the most demanding offshore conditions.


Pad eye load testing services involve conducting pull tests on pad eyes to determine their maximum load capacity. This proof load testing is important to ensure the safety and reliability of pad eyes in various applications, such as lifting and rigging. Overall, pad eye load testing services by pull testing are essential for maintaining the integrity and safety of lifting and rigging equipment in various industries. Lifting lug inspection services for ships and vessels are crucial to ensure the safety and integrity of the lifting equipment. Inspections typically involve assessing the condition of the lifting lugs, checking for any signs of wear, corrosion, or damage, and ensuring that they comply with relevant safety regulations and standards. Cargo gear testing services and lifting gear inspection services are essential to ensure the safety and efficiency of lifting operations in industries such as maritime, construction, and manufacturing. During cargo gear testing, various equipment such as cranes, hoists, and winches are inspected to assess their structural integrity, functionality, and load-bearing capacity.

This lifting accessories inspection services typically includes visual inspections, non-destructive testing and load testing certification to verify that the equipment is operating safely and within specified limits. Lifting gear inspection services focus on the examination of slings, shackles, hooks, and other components used in lifting operations. Regular inspections help identify wear and tear, corrosion, defects, or other issues that could compromise the safety of personnel and the integrity of the load. By performing work equipment load testing services and lifting gear inspection services, companies can mitigate risks, prevent downtime, and prolong the lifespan of their equipment. Overall, cargo gear testing and lifting gear inspection services play a crucial role in promoting workplace safety, reducing liabilities, and enhancing operational efficiency in industries where lifting heavy loads is a common practice. Crane pull testing services typically involve assessing the lifting capacity and overall performance of a crane by subjecting it to controlled load tests. This proof load testing services is an important procedure to ensure that the crane is safe and reliable for operation.

EIWAA Marine Services is an approved third-party lifting inspection services to provide the following but not limited to,

  • Pad eye load testing
  • Bollard Pull Testing
  • Anchor Bolt Pull Testing
  • Anchor Winch load test
  • Anchor windlass load test
  • Wire rope Inspection and Testing Services
  • Brake Holding Test
  • Brake Rendering test
  • Wire rope Socketing 
  • Wire rope Destructive Test
  • Rocking Motion Test

The rocking motion test is a commonly used method to assess the performance and functionality of a crane slew bearing. During the test, the crane is moved in a rocking motion to detect any abnormal noises, vibrations, or resistance in the bearing. The rocking motion test by water bag load testing services, helps to identify any potential issues with the bearing that may affect its ability to rotate smoothly and efficiently. It is essential to conduct regular inspections and tests on crane slew bearings to ensure safe and reliable operation.



EIWAA Marine Services is the one stop solution for lifting Equipment Inspection Services, NDT Inspection and Rope Access Services. We are providing wire rope renewal services of wire rope socketing and wire rope destructive testing services.