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Volume Calibration Service:

Volume calibration is the science of measuring the actual volume or Quantity Survey of a storage tank, Pipe line etc. in the oil gas and offshore marine industry. Deliverables are dip chart, calibration chart, dip stick for storage tank, ullage chart or innage chart, sounding chart, temperature correction chart etc.Tank calibration, commonly referred to as tank strapping, measures storage tank  height, external diameter, and circumference to calculate the tank volume  content and dip stick supply for tank metering and gauging purposes. Tank strapping chart expressed  linear measurements  as feet, inches, meters, or centimetres, and data can be gathered in a variety of ways by 3D Laser scanning with advanced software, Total station, Manual Dip tape, Measurement tape, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging, Infrared Thermometer etc. All the Quantity Survey of Pipeline Volume, Tank Volume  are measured in cubic meters, barrels, gallons, liters, or cubic feet in dip stick and dip chart.When the storage tank volume is calculated by Manual Measurements by using Linear measurements like Measurement tape, Steel tape or steel strap is called Manual Strapping or tank  strapping of storage tank.Tank metering and gauging  chart is used to translate the linear measurement during tank strapping into calibrated data and resultant chart is also known as strapping table, Gauge chart, Dip chart, Sounding chart, Ullage table etc.

Volume calculation or Quantity Survey are usually calculated for the purpose of metering  and gauging of  exact volume of liquid product cargo for inward/outward operations of Above ground storage tank, Underground storage tank, Pipeline, Road Rail tanker, Fuel dispenser etc.