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Gas Detector Calibration Services:

In accordance with SOLAS regulations, EIWAA Gulf Rock Inspection and calibration company provides calibration of portable and fixed detectors in ships, vessels, etc., including ARAMCO based ships. As well as onboard calibration and certificate issuance for gas detection calibration, we offer gas detector calibration services. To ensure accurate detection of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, flammable gases, and oxygen, all onboard gas measuring equipment must be calibrated. According to MSC1/Circ 1477, it

should be noted that additional atmospheric hazards may exist in enclosed spaces that may not be detected by the instrument recommended to be selected by these guidelines, in which case the additional appropriate instrument should be carried. This is based on the ship’s characteristics and operations.

Services for calibrating portable gas detector: The calibration is a requirement set forth by ARAMCO, SOLAS/IACS rules, and the detector manufacturer at regular periods. The top gas detection service provider in Saudi Arabia, EIWAA Gulf rocks, offers gas detection surveys as well as multiple gas detection surveys, such as those for hydrogen sulfide detection surveys and H2S detection in ships and vessels, in accordance with SOLAS/ARAMCO gas detection regulations.

Calibration requirements for gas detectors:

Portable detectors must comply with SOLAS X1-1/7 regulation and must.

Four gas meters

the ability to withstand water

continuous use for ten hours

Dust-Resistant, etc.