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Third Party Inspection Service:

Mechanical and electrical inspections are among the many third-party inspection service that EIWAA provides. Monitoring, Mill Inspections, Welding Inspection and Painting Inspections, NDT Inspection Services, Offshore Coating Inspections, Upgrading Mill Test Certificates from EN 10204 3.1 to 3.2, Performance and Certification of Pressure test are all covered by Third-Party Inspection Services of Mechanical Inspection (Hydro test and Pneumatic Test). Our third-party inspection process begins with design review, material inspection, quality assurance services, random and in-line inspection, dimension inspection, stage-by-stage fit up inspection, and FAT/PAT test, among other factors. Mechanical (non-electrical) equipment inspection by a third party, including equipment zone certification. The third-party Inspection team also offers third party inspection of electrical components that require zone 0, zone 1, and zone 2 certificates.

Material Test Certificate Review/Approval, Welding Inspection, Painting Inspection, FAT Test, PAT Test, Material Inspection, NDT Inspections, NDT Inspection_ Conventional NDT Inspection, NDT Inspection_ Advanced NDT Inspection, Coating/Painting Inspection, Rotating Equipment Inspection, Static Equipment Inspection, Remaining Life Assessment of Piping, Storage Tank, Pressure Vessel, etc. as per API 650/653 Standards are all examples of third-party inspections of mechanical commodities.

Third Party Mechanical Inspection:

NDT Inspection: Conventional NDT Inspections: The leading NDT and welding  inspection company, EIWAA Gulf Rocks offers both conventional and advanced NDT inspection. Conventional NDT Inspection includes the following tests: Magnetic Particle Test, Dye Penetrant Test, Vacuum Box Test, Leak Test, Helium Leak Test, UT Scanning/Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging, Buried Pipeline Inspection and Holiday Test. Eddy Current Test, MFL Scanning of Storage Tank Bottom Plates, PAUT Examination/Phased Array Ultrasonic Test, ACFM Examination, Short Range UT Scanning Examination, Thermography, Vibration Analysis, Lux Survey, and other advanced NDT Inspections are examples of advanced NDT Inspections.