EIWAA Marine Services provides Dropped Object Survey Services, Mast Inspection Services and Derrick Survey by Rope Access Services in Saudi Arabia offshore Rigs. EIWAA Marine Services offers both API RP 4G Category III inspections and API RP 4G Category IV inspections & recertification. Our engineers and rope access technicians have extensive experience in both types of inspections and can provide these services anywhere in the world. When they’re done, you can be assured that your equipment is in accordance with both manufacturer and API standards. The CAT inspections depending on location are typically conducted in two phases.

An initial inspection where the corrective actions are documented and provided to the client. On completion EIWAA Marine Services  provide a final inspection reports


Derrick/Mast & Substructure Inspections
We are able to conduct full and comprehensive derrick inspection surveys in line with API RP 4G. Our experienced inspection team is qualified in line with API RP 4G –Section 4.2 requirements. We will work with your team and resolve any issues that we find during the comprehensive survey.

Derrick/Mast Bolt Inspection & Torquing
Our dedicated and experienced team of technicians have successfully completed numerous bolt inspection surveys &  bolt torque jobs over the years.