Importance of 3D Scanning and BIM Modeling in Architectural Building projects.

The technical art of creating a mathematical, wireframe representation of any three-dimensional object is known as three Dimensional modeling. A procedure known as 3D rendering can be used to display three Dimensional models as a picture in print or in a computer simulation. Three Dimensional (3D) refers to a technique for creating a mathematical representation of any object’s surface using specialized software.


Type of 3D Model are,

Wire frame: A wireframe is a skeleton description of a three-dimensional object. An exceeding wireframe model just has the points, lines, and curves that describe the item’s perimeters; it lacks any surfaces. Additionally, several 3D wireframe objects are included, including 3D polylines and splines. The most time-consuming modeling step is the multiple drawing and positioning of each element that makes up a wireframe model. It aids in the creation of systems.

Surface: More intricate than a wireframe, primarily used in CAD (Computer-aided design) for displaying and visualizing text. Additionally used in presentations and video games with 3D animation. Numerous applications for surface modeling can be found in client products, maritime vehicles, and the body panels of automobiles and aircraft components

Solid: Solid modeling refers to the laptop representation of the item’s solid components. Solid modeling, one of the most important CAD software tools, is also employed in buildings, electrical circuits, and even in people. You may parametrically define solids using Autodesk Mechanical Desktop and keep the association between your 3D model and the 2D views you create from them.


We can use following Types of Modeling software,

  • Sketch up
  • Blender
  • 3Ds Max
  • Autodesk
  • Hexagon

Advantage of 3D Laser scanning and BIM modeling in Architectural construction project are,

  • A 3D architectural model can enhance building design project visualization for clients and stakeholders. Since most people are visual beings, understanding spatial concepts when they can really see them rather than just imagine them is considerably easier.
  • A well-designed 3D model can also be an important client- or company-facing marketing tool.
  • The client can become enthusiastic about the building design project by seeing a depiction of it. As a result, the finished project is received more favorably.
  • Increasing Project Pace.
  • To create the most realistic picture of the construction project, gather data.
  • A benefit of using a 3D architectural model is that it can aid in newly building design/construction permit acquisition.
  • Simple polygon-based 3-D primitives, including pyramids, cubes, spheres, cylinders etc.
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