Non Destructive Testing



EIWAA Oil and Gas Services offers Non-Destructive Testing Services in Saudi Arabia by NDT inspection of MPI Inspection, Dye Penetrant inspection and ultrasonic testing. We are one of the marine class approved NDT Inspection Services in Saudi Arabia with approvals of major ports in Saudi Arabia. In Oil Gas Contractors and Ship repairing companies, EIWAA Marine Services has its own name in non-destructive testing Inspection of welding joints whether it is new or in service.

Major Types of NDT Inspection services are Magnetic Particle Testing, Ultrasonic Testing Inspection, Dye Penetrant Examination, Vacuum Box Testing, PMI XRF material analysis, Ultrasonic thickness Gauging etc by normal access or industrial climbing services. EIWAA Marine Services are approved by all the major ports of Saudi Arabia for providing Conventional NDT Inspection Services by Rope Access Services or industrial abseiling services. Underground Pipeline Leak Testing services and Leak detection Services ensure the integrity of pipelines by NDT Inspection Services. 


NDT inspection Services is a pre-post testing method for lifting equipment inspection services and Pressure Testing Services. Non-destructive Testing shall be performed by ASNT/PCN Qualified NDT Engineers either by normal access or Rope Access Services. Non-destructive testing is also an associated service for Storage tank Inspection, Pedestal crane load testing, Piping and Pipeline Inspection and Welder Qualification Testing etc. Apart from the Basic Qualification of ASNT or PCN Certifications, all the NDT Inspectors are certified by IACS Classification Approved Bodies like ABS, BV, IRS and DNV in Marine Sectors. In Fairground Inspection, NDT Inspection plays a vital role in the structural integrity inspection of amusement park rides.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Marine class approved NDT Technicians (ABS,BV,IRS) with ASNT/PCN/IRATA/LEEA Certifications for Marine/Oil and Gas Services

Dye Penetrant Inspection

IACS-approved NDT Technicians (ABS, BV, IRS)with Major Port approvals and Rope Access Certifications.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Scanning and Ultrasonic Gauging Technicians with advanced NDT Inspection instruments.

Vacuum Box Testing

Vacuum Box Testing and Leak Testing of ship hull, storage tank ,Underground piping and more


EIWAA Oil and Gas Services offers NDT Inspection and NDT Testing for piping as well as pipeline corrosion survey by Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging in Saudi Arabia. EIWAA Oil and Gas Services offers Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging in Saudi Arabia for corrosion survey and corrosion mapping of piping and pipeline. EIWAA is approved by all major IACS Classification Societies and ports of Saudi Arabia to conduct NDT Inspection and NDT Testing services of ultrasonic thickness gauging inspection. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging (UTG) is a non-destructive technique for measuring the local thickness of solid material.


Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection, Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection by RFET Inspection etc. are considered as advanced NDT Inspection Services.

Condition Monitoring Services by Non-destructive Testing shall be Thermography Inspection, Noise Survey, Vibration Analysis, Lux Survey, Thermal Imaging Services etc.

ACFM Inspection and Eddy Current Testing services are used for welding inspection in a painted condition.

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