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EIWAA LiDAR Scanning Services provides Building Scanning Survey services by 3D laser Scanning, 3D Modeling, Revit Architectural Modeling and BIM Modeling Services etc. To obtain accurate measurements of dimensions and data for Building Information Modeling and Revit Modeling, EIWAA Engineering Survey provides LiDAR Scanning Services and 3D Laser Scanning Services with a modern 3D Rendering approach. A particularly accurate method of recording an existing building’s as-built state is to use LiDAR scanning services combined with Revit modeling services. This is the process of converting point clouds into Autodesk Revit Architecture model by BIM Modeling Services in Saudi Arabia. In comparison to conventional methods, the process converts 3D laser scanning data into a BIM Model. as precise and faster. It is the only viable option for architects and engineers to record an as-built model and drawings as a part of BIM Engineering. An accurate digital representation of the existing building is created from the scanned data. A 3D Modeler may transform the scan data into an as-built model.
We can use the Revit Architecture BIM software using the building information modeling service after generating the 3D CAD model. Provide your desired degree of information to our 3DLaser scanning service and 3D building information modeling service teams, and they will execute our Revit Architecture 3D Modeling Service. In addition to point clouds, our scanners use onboard HDR color cameras to produce 360-degree panoramic images for BIM engineering and detailing. We are using 3D Scanner, Total Station Survey and Topographical services for laser measurement services for better results for building scanning and architectural engineering services.


Almost any construction project can benefit by using building information modeling or Scan to BIM Services in Saudi Arabia. Scan to BIM Services are used where as-built models are required for a hotel renovation, redesigning a hospital floor, or demolishing an office building etc. Assessing the status of building projects is significantly simpler with Building Information Modeling or by BIM Engineering service. Our skilled team of Revit architectural Modeling Services can swiftly develop REVIT MEP Model structures by using the scan-to-BIM Service.

Power Plant 3D Scanning

Power plant 3D scanning services necessitate the use of a high-speed 3D Scanner with a long-range and high level of accuracy.

Point Cloud Data

To create an accurate model of a building, point cloud scanning collects millions of data points.

Elevation, Section and 2D Floor plan

Techniques to produce 2D drawings from 3D laser scanning by BIM modeling and Create point cloud from 3D scan, using Revit Architecture

3D Imaging

By merging and modeling of scanned data sections of the plant create 3D Imaging.3D Scan data is extracted to CAD Models, Panoramic Images, and Ortho Images.

BIM 360

Our scanners use onboard HDR color cameras to take 360-degree panoramic images for BIM Engineering or BIM 360 detailing services. Autodesk Recap to view these pictures of BIM 360.

Building Architectural Modeling

You will receive a very accurate 3D Model of the as-built condition that you may use to create your project design and engineering models, whether it is LOD200, LOD300, or LOD400.


An extremely precise way to record an existing building’s as-built conditions is by 3D laser scanning or LiDAR Scanning service. We can produce an as-built model with any level of detail you require by using these precise dimensions. Our skilled 3D modeling team swiftly produces high-quality, 3D models using a process known as “scan-to-BIM service”. All the layout of radiators, ventilating equipment etc. are to be preserved during the 3D scanning of REVIT MEP structures. REVIT MEP services, Capable of coordinating and communicating design in a single model prior to the MEP Construction.

We can scan a significant portion of your Plant in a single day by quick scanning. With great productivity, our skilled team of CAD modelers extracts the data by scanning the piping, conduit, structure, valves, pumps, storage tank, and everything else you require. Any level of detail (LOD) you select for this modeling can achieve and give you an Asbuilt 3D model.

Your As-Built drawings can be updated or totally recreated by using 3D scanning if it is outdated. A variety of file formats are available for CAD models produced from 3D Scans. You decide what components and how much detail you want to view in the CAD model. Depending on the objectives of the project, CAD modeling might be done for the complete facility or simply a specific sector by using Autodesk TrueView.

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