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EIWAA Oil and Gas Services offers lifting operator training and certification services in Saudi Arabia by Rigging Slinging, rigger certification and Lifting Supervisor training and certification, and crane operator certification services. Tool operator certification may come under the scope of safety training and certification services, and it will be in different tools operator certifications like grinder, shovel, and power hand tool operator. Basic Rigging and Slinging Certification in Saudi Arabia is a crucial training program for individuals who work in industries that involve heavy lifting, moving, or rigging heavy objects or equipment.

The basic rigging and slinging certification in Saudi Arabia covers the scope of Rigging safety procedures, Rigging and slinging, Pedestal Crane Load testing inspection, and water weights maintenance and operations. The Flagman and Banksman Training Certification is essential for pedestal crane operations as well as load testing, heavy equipment lifting, lifting gear operations and rigging. The Flagman and Banksman Training Certification covers the scope of Crane operations, lifting operations offshore/onshore, Crane setup and rigging and Crane operation procedures etc.

Course Name                             Course DurationStarts Date
Concrete Gun operator1 DayAny Day
Power Hand Tool operator1 DayAny Day
Block cutting machine operator 1 DayAny Day
Grinding operator1 DayAny Day
Scissor lift operator 2 DaysAny Day
Manlift operator 2 DaysAny Day
Excavator Operator2 DaysAny Day
Shovel operator2 DaysAny Day
Forklift operator2 DaysAny Day
Mobile Crane operator 2 DaysAny Day
EOT Crane Operator 2 DaysAny Day
Jib Crane Operator 2 DaysAny Day
Flagman1 DayAny Day
Rigging and Slinging 2 DaysAny Day


A Lifting Supervisor or Crane Operator Supervisor or Lifting Equipment Operator Supervisor is responsible for the safe operation of lifting equipment, lifting appliances as well as lifting access. All the lifting operations shall be in accordance with LOLER/PUWER regulations as well as LEEA recommended practices in compliance with ISO/IEC 17020 local regulations. The role of a Lifting Supervisor is critical to ensure safe lifting operations in an onshore/offshore environment. Along with lifting training and certification services, we are providing HSE Training and certification as well as NDT Training and certifications.
Lifting supervisor training and certification in Saudi Arabia ensures the relevant ISO/IEC regulations, LOLER, PUWER OSHA regulations, and LEEA. Lifting Supervisor Training shall cover Crane safety and operation, Load chart identification, Safe handling, and lifting.


To get forklift operator certification in Saudi Arabia, you should complete an onsite training program that meets OSHA’s standards as well as the ISO/IEC 17024 personnel certification program. Forklift operator training and certification includes the scope of safe operation of forklift, overhauling and maintenance of forklift, Safe handling of forklift and safe operation.


  • Fundamentals of Lifting Operation 
  • Overhead Crane operator training and certifications
  • Mobile Crane operator training and certifications
  • Tower Crane operator training and certifications
  • Aerial Lift operator training and certifications
  • Forklift operator training and certifications
  • Pallet Jack operator training and certifications
  • Telehandler operator training and certifications
  • Skid-Steer Loaders operator training and certifications
  • Rough Terrain Loaders operator training and certifications
  • Fundamentals of rigging and slinging and selection of lifting/rigging equipment
  • Understanding of Lifting plans and rigging plans for the safe operation of lifting equipment and lifting accessories.
  • HSE awareness of working at heights and confined space entry, especially at marine and sour environments
  • Risk assessment and emergency procedure for rigging 
  • Basic awareness training program for rigging and slinging and flag man 
  • Types of lifting gear (e.g. wire rope, chain, webbing) and Selection of cargo gear and towing gear 
  • Inspection procedures for lifting gear and Cargo gear testing principles.
  • Preparation of lifting plan and rigging plan by water weights and test weights.
  • Types of rigging operations (e.g. overhead, vertical, horizontal)
  • Setting rigging setup and Working at Heights training for lifting equipment inspection
  • Selection of Rescue/Fall protection equipment
  • Risk assessment and mitigation procedures for Anchor points and tie-off procedures
  • Procedure for Confined space entry, Ventilation and lighting.
  • Emergency procedures and rescue plan 
  • Emergency shutdown procedures and multi-point lifting techniques
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