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The integration of 3D scanning technology and GIS enables more accurate and efficient quantity surveying and estimation for earthworks projects. EIWAA Volumetric Survey Services is the top quantity survey service in Saudi Arabia for stockpile volume surveys, stockpile quantity surveys and earthwork surveys. In the construction and mining industry, accurate quantity surveys, estimations, stockpile volume surveys and earthworks surveys are important for project bidding, budgeting and execution.

The LiDAR scanning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services in Saudi Arabia, enable more accurate stockpile volume survey, quantity surveying and estimation for earthworks.3D laser scanning services provide highly accurate measurements of site topographical survey, enabling more accurate and precise calculation of earthworks quantities. Total Station Survey, GIS Survey, Topographical Survey,3D Laser measurement services etc. are used for volumetric calibration, quantity surveying services and stockpile volume surveys in Saudi Arabia for accurate results.


Stockpile quantity survey Services in Saudi Arabia involve the accurate measurement and volume survey of stockpiled materials of aggregates, coal, or minerals. For accurate stockpile quantity survey in Saudi Arabia, we are providing stockpile quantity survey by LiDAR 3D laser scanning and GIS Survey. Earthworks Survey and Stockpile volume survey relate to each other and it shall be performed by high-definition 3D Laser scanner and terrestrial scanner with advanced 3D Modeling software.

Earthworks Quantity Survey

2D/3D model to calculate earthworks quantities (e.g., volume, area, slope) and Apply algorithms for irregular shapes

Quantity Estimation

Calculate the estimated cost of materials required for earthworks based on the calculated quantities.

Stockpile Quantity Survey

High-Definition Laser scanner and advanced modeling softwares for accurate stockpile quantity survey and volume survey.

Volume Survey

3D scanner to capture detailed point cloud data of site topography and GPS data by using a GPS device or airborne LiDAR.

For the Data Acquisition of stockpile quantity survey, we are using a 3D scanner to capture detailed point cloud data of the stockpile and Collect GPS data using a handheld GPS device or airborne LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology. Data processing by GIS software packages and then to 2D/3D model for boundary definition. Volume calculation, material density estimation and quantity calculation by advanced Software.


  • Leica Geosystems software solutions for 3D scanning, GIS, and CAD/CAM.
  • Trimble software for geospatial data processing, analysis, and visualization.
  • AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and other software solutions for CAD/CAM, GIS, and BIM.

Raw Materials Stockpile Survey is a volumetric survey or quantity survey of aggregates, minerals, and objects stored in a facility, warehouse, or inventory. The purpose of the earthworks quantity survey is to determine the extent of the stockpile, identifying potential issues which will affect the stocks related to inventory management, production planning, and supply chain optimization. Raw Materials Stockpile Surveys are commonly conducted in various industries of manufacturing, construction, mining industry and energy sectors.

Instruments used for volumetric surveys in stockpile quantity survey are Photogrammetry,3D Laser scanner, High resolution scanner, Total station, GPS, GIS and Ground penetrating Radar. Advanced total station survey used to measure distance, angles and positions for a detailed 3D Model of earthworks and stockpile. For measuring the detailed 3D Point clouds of the stockpile, terrestrial laser scanners are used.

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