Dropped Object Survey



EIWAA Marine Services offers dropped object survey and DROPS Survey services in Saudi Arabia offshore by Rope Access as well as industrial abseiling services. Dropped object surveys conducted by rope access services are an essential part of maintaining a safe working environment on offshore rigs, as they provide a thorough assessment of potential hazards in hard-to-reach areas. 

By utilizing skilled technicians and specialized equipment, these DROPS surveys help prevent incidents and promote safety for personnel and equipment on offshore installations. IRATA Approved Rope Access Technicians with Qualified DROPS Program will perform Dropped Object Surveys at Offshore Rigs and Platforms and we are approved by Major Offshore contractors in Saudi Arabia.


DROPS Survey Services in Saudi Arabia shall performed by our Rope Access Technicians with excellent track records in Dropped object survey Services. DROPS Survey technicians are qualified by ASNT/PCN certified NDT Inspection personnel with IRATA/LEEA Approvals. We are experienced in condition monitoring services to expedite fatigue failures, NDT Inspection, Lifting Gear Inspection and more.

Offshore Rigs

DROPS Survey by IRATA Approved Rope Access Technicians with basic offshore safety approvals

Major Ports of Saudi Arabia

All the major port approvals with easy access of all the major ports of Saudi Arabia including ARAMCO Ports.

Power Plants

Accredited Dropped object survey program in Power plants of Saudi Arabia by Qualified technicians with at-height training

Oil and Gas Services

Drops Survey by Qualified Industrial climbing technicians with major oil and gas approvals in Saudi Arabia.


Dropped object survey in Saudi Arabia used to avoid the potential hazards of falling objects in a workshop, offshore rigs, etc. by Rope Access and Industrial Abseiling technicians. The duties of DROPS Survey technicians are identification and inspection of all bolted connections, primary and secondary connections of equipment, and structures at heights. Advanced bolt torquing services with bolt tensioning units are used by the technicians to prevent loosened objects at heights. DROPS Survey reports include detailed reports by providing images and photographability conditions, recommendations and correction actions.

During the Dropped object Survey, Qualified rope access technicians will conduct a thorough visual examination of catwalks, ladders derricks, masts etc. to know the condition of equipment that may cause potential hazards.

Certifications from an accredited training center for successful completion of the DROPS Survey program.

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