Storage Tank Calibration



EIWAA Oil and Gas Services is one of the top onsite calibration services by providing Storage tank Calibration Services in Saudi Arabia by EODR Tank calibration method. Storage tank Strapping Services in Saudi Arabia by using traditional techniques may consume more time and it is a physical measurement by total station. Online Storage tank Calibration Services in Saudi Arabia by EODR tank calibration are also known as 3D Laser calibration services which is used for in service tank and out of service tanks and the working principle is LiDAR. Tank strapping chart expressed linear measurements as feet, inches, meters, or centimeters, and data can be gathered in a variety of ways by 3D Laser calibration Services with advanced software and Total station.
EIWAA Oil and Gas Services is one of the major oil and Gas companies in Saudi Arabia for providing Volumetric calibration Services for storage tanks, Road Tanker, and ship tanks. Across Storage tank terminals of Saudi Arabia, our 3D Laser calibration services are widely used for safe fill height calculation of underground as well as above-ground storage tank calibration. Volume calibration have an important role in the Quantity Survey of a storage tank, Pipeline etc. in the oil gas and offshore marine industry.


Conventional method of volume measurement services of storage tank is commonly referred to as Storage tank strapping services in Saudi Arabia. Manual Dip tape, Measurement tape, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging, and Infrared Thermometer are the other measuring tools used for storage tank strapping Services. The process of precisely calculating a tank’s capacity, or partial capacities, and expressing this capacity as a volume for a certain linear increment or height of liquid is known as calibration. Deliverables of volume calibration services are dip chart, Dipstick supply, calibration chart, dip stick for storage tank, ullage chart or innage chart, sounding chart, temperature correction chart etc. Along with Storage tank Calibration Services of newly constructed tanks, EIWAA Oil and Gas Services provides Storage tank Inspection, Storage tank dimensional measurement Services and Settlement Survey followed by hydro testing.

EODR Calibration

Storage tank calibration Services by Electro optical distance ranging method using a 3D Scanner for internal/external calibration

Online Calibration

Online calibration by 3D Laser calibration method when the storage tank is in filled condition and limited access

Dipstick Supply

Dipstick supply and tank scale calibration services by 3D Laser scanner for horizontal tanks, road tanker and underground tanks.

Underground Tank Calibration

UST Tank calibration and underground tank calibration with dipchart, calibration chart and calibration scale supply.

Tank strapping services refer to the process of wrapping steel straps or bands around a tank or vessel to secure its lid or hatch, ensuring that it remains closed and sealed during transportation, storage, or operation. 


The calibration of petroleum and chemical storage tanks includes vertical tank, horizontal tank, spherical and cylindrical tank, fixed roof and floating roof tank strapping, domed roof and conical roof tank and LNG tank safe filing height calculations etc. Direct physical measurements of the tank’s geometry are used in our calibration and tank strapping activities and these measurements are used to calculate capacity tables internally. Our qualified field inspectors and engineers, who are also trained in storage tank strapping are seasoned API 653 certified specialists who offer these services.

We offer precise storage tank calibration to the relevant international standards published by the International Standards Organization (ISO) or by the American Petroleum Institute, helping companies to reduce costs time and costs associated with tank management (API).

  • API Chapter 2.2A Measurement and Calibration of Upright Cylindrical Tank by the Manual Tank Strapping Method.
  •  API Chapter 2.2B Calibration of Upright Cylindrical Tanks Using the Optical Reference Line Method by advanced Total station
  • API Chapter 2.2C/ISO 7507-3:1993 Calibration of Upright Cylindrical Tanks Using the Optical-Triangulation Method by advanced total station
  • API Chapter 2.2D/ISO 7507-4:1995 Calibration of Upright Cylindrical Tanks Using the Internal Electro-Optical Distance Ranging Method (EODR)
  • Chapter 2.2E/ISO 12917-1:2002 Liquid Petroleum Products—Calibration of Horizontal Cylindrical Tanks – Part 1: Manual Methods
  • Chapter 2.2F/ISO 12917-2:2002 Liquid Petroleum Products—Calibration of Horizontal Cylindrical Tanks—Part 2: Internal Electro-Optical Distance-Ranging Method (EODR).
  • Chapter 2.2G Calibration of Upright Cylindrical Tanks Using the Total Station Reference Line Method Standard 2552 Measurements and Calibration of Spheres and domes.

Tank scale calibration services in Saudi Arabia is for ensuring the accurate tank scales or tank meters to get the accurate dipstick values in mm. A tank scale is used to measure the onsite weight or volume of liquids in a storage tank. Other common names for tank scale calibration is dipscale calibration or dipstick calibration services in Saudi Arabia.

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