Building Integrity Survey



EIWAA offers Structural Integrity Condition Assessment Services in Saudi Arabia by concrete scanning, building surveys, NDT Inspection, 3D Scanning, Core drilling and Rebar scanning. A structural integrity and condition assessment of civil structures is a comprehensive evaluation of the condition and structural soundness of a building, bridge, or other infrastructure. Interior structural integrity and condition assessment Inspect the interior walls, floors, ceilings, and other interior components for signs of damage, deterioration, or distress.
Building Survey and topographical survey shall be performed by 3D Scanning, Total station Survey and LiDAR Scanning to inspect hard-to-reach areas or to detect signs of distress. For structural integrity and condition assessment of bridges, dams and buildings, we are providing condition monitoring services of deformation monitoring, structural settlement survey, Monitoring of cracks, automated monitoring and building settlement monitoring.


Our Building Integrity Survey Services is one stop solution for Structural settlement Surveys, Monitoring of Cracks, Ground settlement monitoring, Deformation monitoring and building settlement monitoring Services. By providing a benchmark or target, we can measure the slight variations of the building by plot the variation of position and height of a point from datum. We provide building dilapidation survey services in Saudi Arabia and are used for inspection of the existing asbuilt condition of the surrounding building prior to any type of demolition and construction. Building dilapidation survey in Saudi Arabia is the exact condition of a building with the evaluation result of cracks, settlement and concrete failures.

Core Drilling and Concrete Scanning

NDT Inspection of concrete inspection by rebound hammer testing, GPR Survey and ultrasonic pulse velocity testing

Specialty Testing

Electrical continuity Testing, Corrosion potential mapping, Chloride and Carbonation analysis, Half-cell potential

Laboratory Testing

pH Testing/Carbonation depth, chloride content, Sulfate Iron content, Compressive strength testing and ASR Testing.

Wall Scanning

Concrete wall scanning by Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR),Rebar scanning and MRI for building condition assessment

Non-Destructive Testing

NDT Inspection Services of Thermal Imaging, Ultrasonic Testing and Acoustic Emission Testing for crack determination

3D Laser Scanning

3D Scanning, LiDAR Scanning and Topographical Survey for structural analysis and 3D Modeling


Building Dilapidation Survey is the engineering survey service to find out the surrounding building’s structural conditions before any type of demolition, construction and infrastructure development. The building dilapidation survey report includes the details of cracks, foundation settlement, water seepage and building distortion by photographs and images. Building dilapidation surveys in Saudi Arabia used as a permanent record of condition assessment of buildings for the structural integrity assessment reports.

For the periodic settlement monitoring services of building structural surveys, we are providing fixed permanent targets or benchmarks at the building. Upon creating or transferring target points and analyzing the variation of position or height of a point from the data, shall be documented in building settlement monitoring reports.

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