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EIWAA Marine Services is an approved third-party inspection services in Saudi Arabia by providing NDT Inspection Services, Rope Access Services, Heavy lifting Inspection Services and Water weights Rental Services in Marine as well as oil and gas services. We are approved by major marine classification societies of ABS(American Bureau of Shipping),Bureau Veritas(BV),Llyods Register(LR) and IRS(Indian Registrar of Shipping). EIWAA Marine services offers Lifting Equipment and lifting gear inspection, NDT, Rope Access, Pull testing and Water weights crane load testing in Saudi Arabia. We are approved by Major Ports of Saudi Arabia and it includes Ports of Dammam, Ras Tanura Ports, Jeddah Ports and major ARAMCO Ports. Lifting Inspection shall be performed by LEEA and LOLER /PUWER Regulations as well as ISO/IEC 17020 regulations by LEEA Approved inspection Engineers with IRATA/ASNT/PCN Certifications.
Cargo gear testing services and lifting gear inspection services by annual inspection as well as biannual inspection are essential to ensure safe lifting operations in marine services. During cargo gear testing in Saudi Arabia, lifting equipment of cranes, hoists, and winches are inspected to assess their structural integrity and condition assessment. Pad eye load testing services by pull testing services to determine their load-bearing capacity and safe load. Lifting gear inspection services in Saudi Arabia include inspection of wire rope slings, shackles, lifting lugs, and other lifting accessories used in lifting operations. By performing work equipment load testing services and lifting gear inspection services, companies can prevent downtime, and maintain structural integrity and condition assessment. Crane pull testing services shall be performed by the Dynamometer load cell and it is performed in offshore and anchorages. This proof load testing service either using by water weights or pull testing is an important procedure to ensure the crane is safe and reliable for operation.


Pedestal crane load testing services by water weights load testing services in Saudi Arabia validate the crane’s capacity (SWL) and ensure safe heavy lifting operations in offshore environments. EIWAA Marine Services in Saudi Arabia offers comprehensive lifting inspection services by using water weights, lifting load bags, proof load lifting bag with lifting accessories and dynamometer load cells. Water weights and water weights are used as an alternative traditional solid weight for the safe loading of the pedestal crane during proof load testing inspection.
The rocking testing services of deck-mounted pedestal cranes are used to identify the crane slew bearing motion. During the rocking motion testing services in Saudi Arabia, LEEA Technicians identify all types of abnormal noises, vibrations and waviness of slew bearing. The rocking motion test or slew bearing motion test shall be by water bag load testing services at loading conditions and/or by dial gauges. It is essential to conduct periodical inspections and tests of crane slew bearings to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Water Weights Load testing

Own plenty heavy liftings Water Weights of 110 ton with dynamometer load cells shall be used for load testing.

Major Port Approvals

Approved by all the major Ports of ARAMCO and commercial ports of Saudi Arabia with Zawil Pass.

NDT Inspection

NDT Inspection Services of Eddy current Testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection and Ultrasonic testing by Rope Access.

Rope Access

Rope Access & Industrial Abseiling Services shall be used for NDT Inspection as pre-post inspection works

At EIWAA Marine Inspection Services, we specialize in providing comprehensive Pedestal Crane Load Testing and Inspection Services to ensure the safety and efficiency of your offshore operations in Saudi Arabia. Our Water Weights load testing services uses specialized water-filled bags to simulate the weight of a load, allowing us to accurately test the lifting capacity of your Pedestal Crane. This water bag load testing services is particularly useful for testing heavy loads or for applications where the load is not easily accessible. Our Dynamometer Load Cell method uses advanced technology to measure the load capacity of your Pedestal Crane by pull testing services.

  • Anchor Winch Load Test
  • Brake Holding Test
  • Brake Rendering Test
  • Onboard Wire Rope Socketing and Wire Rope Destructive Testing
  • Rocking Motion Test or Slew Bearing Test
  • Thorough Examination
  • Towing Gear Inspection
  • 5 Year Crane load testing
  • Lifting Lug Inspection etc.


Lifting Gear Inspection Services in Saudi Arabia covers the inspection of wire rope slings, chain slings, chain blocks, sheaves and pulleys, lifting hooks etc. Annual and Biannual inspection of towing gear inspection services shall be performed by LEEA Approved inspectors. Cargo gear Inspection and Towing gear inspection shall be performed periodically to ensure the safe lifting operations at marine as well as offshore industry. EIWAA Marine Services is approved by Llyods Register to conduct the annual/biannual lifting gear inspection services. Load Testing of Chain blocks and chain hoist inspection were carried out at onboard or in our in-house tensile test bed.
Pull Testing of the lifting lug, Anchor bolt and padeyes shall be carried out by using lifting accessories and calibrated dynamometer load cell. Padeye load testing and lifting lug inspection shall be performed by using a portable hydraulic padeye tester and if the padeyes are located above the normal height, padeye load testing is carried out by Rope Access or industrial abseiling services. All the inspector IACS Approved with LEEA as well as ASNT/PCN Certification for NDT Inspection and Testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

At EIWAA Marine Services, we specialize in conducting comprehensive brake-holding testing of winches to ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment. Our brake-holding testing services involve assessing the winch’s braking system to determine its ability to securely hold the load at various capacities. This testing is crucial to verify that the brake can effectively prevent the winch from unintentional movement or slippage, ensuring the safety of personnel and property during lifting and hauling operations.

At EIWAA Marine, we specialize in conducting comprehensive water bag load testing of cranes at Saudi offshore locations to ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment. Our team of skilled technicians and engineers is equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to perform thorough testing procedures to assess the crane’s load capacity and lifting performance. The water bag will be filled with water to the required weight, and then attached to the crane’s hook or lifting device. The crane will be positioned and configured to lift the water bag to the required height or distance. The crane will be operated to lift the water bag to the specified height or distance while monitoring the lifting speed, acceleration, and deceleration. Our team will collect data on the crane’s performance, including lifting capacity, lifting speed, and acceleration, during the testing process. The crane will be required to hold the load at the specified height or distance for a minimum period to ensure that it can maintain the load safely. The load testing process may need to be performed at multiple elevations or distances to ensure that the crane can lift the load safely at various heights or distances.

Lifting gear inspection is a critical process that involves evaluating the condition and performance of lifting equipment, including cranes, hoists, winches, and other lifting devices. The purpose of lifting gear inspection is to identify any potential issues or defects that could affect the safety and reliability of your equipment. A visual inspection of the lifting gear is conducted to identify any visible signs of damage, wear, or corrosion. Load testing is performed to assess the lifting gear’s capacity to lift heavy loads. Cargo gear testing involves evaluating the condition and performance of cargo gear, including nets, ropes, slings, and other lifting accessories. The purpose of cargo gear testing is to ensure that the cargo gear is properly maintained and can safely lift and transport heavy loads.

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