Fairground Inspection



EIWAA Oil and Gas Services offers Fairground and Amusement Park Inspection services in Saudi Arabia by NDT Inspection, Rope Access, Asbuilt Survey, and Alignment Survey. Our comprehensive theming inspection services for fairgrounds and amusement parks are ensuring structural integrity and condition assessment of themed areas and attractions. Our experienced NDT Inspection team utilizes advanced NDT Inspection Services, condition monitoring, Alignment Survey, Asbuilt Survey including rope access services.

During our inspection process, we evaluate the condition assessment and integrity survey of theming elements such as props, signage, façades, and landscaping. We inspect amusement park rides, including roller coasters, carousels, and water attractions, to verify their structural integrity inspection and condition assessment by track alignment survey, Thermography Inspection, LiDAR, 3D Scanning and modeling and Topographical Survey.


Safety is our top priority, and our NDT inspection Engineers are trained to identify potential hazards, structural integrity and condition assessment. By conducting regular theming inspections of fairgrounds and amusement park rides, we help amusement operators maintain a high standard of safety and quality in their facilities.

Rope Access

All the Rope Access technicians are IRATA Approved with ASNT/PCN Certified in advanced NDT Inspection methods.

Topographical Survey

Topographical survey by advanced total station and 3D Scanning for high theming inspection and signage.

NDT Inspection

NDT Inspection Services of MPI Examination, Dye Penetrant Test, Ultrasonic Testing and Eddy Current Testing for welding inspection

Alignment Survey

Asbuilt Survey and Alignment survey of amusement rides by advanced total station survey and Topographical survey

Bolt Torquing

Bolt torquing and bolt tensioning services by rope access and industrial abseiling services technicians with IRATA Approvals.

Condition Monitoring

Structural integrity and condition assessment of rides by Thermographic Inspection, and Vibration Monitoring.


Theming inspection in fairground inspection services refers to the condition evaluation and structural assessment of the visual elements, decor, signage, landscaping, and overall areas of amusement park rides. Theming inspection services in Saudi Arabia focus on scrutinizing the condition of various theming elements and structures of amusement parks. By conducting theming inspection by rope access services, we can maintain the repair, maintenance and inspection of areas that enhance the safety environment.

ASTM F24: Design, manufacture, operation, maintenance, and inspection of amusement rides and equipment.

NAARSO (National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials): Safety standards and best practices of amusement park rides.

ANSI/ASSE Z365.1-2017 Standard Code of Practice for the design, manufacture, operation, maintenance, inspection, and testing of amusement rides and devices.

IAAPA : Best practices, guidelines, and standards related to amusement park operations, safety, and maintenance.

EN 13814:2004 – Design, calculation, testing, assembly, dismantling, and operation of both fixed and portable amusement rides and devices.

EN ISO 9712:2012 – Non-destructive testing — Qualification and certification of personnel covers requirements and methods of various NDT Inspection methods such as ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, magnetic particle testing, and liquid penetrant testing.

EN 473:2008 – Non-destructive testing – Qualification training and certification requirements of NDT Inspection personnel.

EN 13306:2010 – Maintenance and Inspection of Amusement park and rides
EN 13084-7:2000 – Free-standing chimneys – Part 7: Design and assessment of standalone structures and fixed equipment.

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