Water Weights Rental Services



A leading provider of offshore equipment rental services in Saudi Arabia, EIWAA offering water bag rental services for load testing, water weights rental services and lifting accessories rental services for pedestal crane load testing services in Saudi Arabia. EIWAA Marine Services offers Water Weights load testing, Proof load lifting water bag hiring and Water Weights Rental Services in Saudi Arabia Ports & Anchorage. Water weights bag rental services can be a safe and effective alternative to traditional test weights for various industries, such as construction, mining, and oil and gas. Water weights are made of durable, puncture-resistant materials and are filled with water to achieve the desired weight. This reduces the risk of accidents caused by loose or shifting weights. Water weights can be filled with varying amounts of water to achieve specific weights, making them a more versatile option than traditional test weights.
Renting water weights can be a cost-effective option compared to purchasing and maintaining traditional test weights. EIWAA Marine Services, the water bag rental company in Saudi Arabia provides a range of water weights with different capacities to meet your specific needs. As a well know water weights rental company in Saudi Arabia delivers the water weights to your location, ensuring they are properly secured and anchored. When selecting a water weight rental service, make sure to research and compare different companies to find the best fit for your project.


Offshore Lifting Accessories Rental Services of Lifting Load Bags, Water Bags, and Water Weights are designed to provide a safe and efficient lifting solution for offshore projects. Lifting Load Bags rental services are mainly for heavy-duty bags designed to lift and transport heavy loads safely and efficiently. Along with water bag rental services in Saudi Arabia, we are offering NDT Inspection, Rope Access Services and lifting gear inspection Services. Lifting Load Bags can be used to lift and transport heavy loads without causing damage to the equipment or surrounding structures. Offshore Lifting Accessories Rental Services offer a range of lifting accessories, including lifting load bags, water bags, and water weights, for rent or lease. These services provide a convenient solution for offshore projects that require heavy lifting or weighing equipment.

Quick Mobilization

Quick mobilization for water bags and lifting accessories across the regions with utmost local presentation and major Port access.

Saudi Arabia Port Approvals

EIWAA Marine Services is approved by major ports of Saudi Arabia for both Zawil pass and ARAMCO; it enhances delivery of water bags and water weights.

Marine Classification Approvals

As an offshore rental service in Saudi Arabia, approved by major IACS Classifications of ABS, BV, Llyods Register and IRS.

Supply of Riggers and Rigging operators

We are supplying Riggers and lifting inspectors for performing water weights load testing and pedestal crane load testing services.


Water bag rental services in Saudi Arabia help marine contractors and rig owners to conduct pedestal crane load testing services in an economical Way. EIWAA Marine Service provides rigging technicians and lifting accessories along with bag rental services. We offer a Rigging plan, lifting plan and calibration certificates of lifting accessories, prior to the water bag hiring services. This ensures the right selection of water wag, water weights and lifting accessories suitable for use.


EIWAA Marine Services is an offshore rental company in Saudi Arabia by provides lifting accessories, spreader bars, water bags, water weights, dynamometer load cells etc. All the lifting load bag rental services and proof load testing bags are supply with calibration certificates. With approvals of Major Ports of Saudi Arabia and Marine classification societies approvals, we provide pedestal crane load testing services, NDT Inspection by Rope Access Services, Laser Measurement Services and Condition Monitoring Services.

Water weights can be easily transported and set up, without the need for heavy lifting or storage. Water weights are typically lighter and more compact than solid test weights, making them easier to transport and store. Water weights can be more cost-effective than purchasing and maintaining solid test weights. Water weights take up less space than solid test weights and is more economical during lifting operations.

Traditional solid test weights are replaced by Water weights rental services or water bag rental services in offshore rigs for pedestal crane load testing as well as lifting equipment inspection. Water weights can be used in remote areas and seawater for fulfilling weights.

Lifting load bag capacities are 5 tons to 110 tons and dynamometer load cells are from 5 tons to 800 tons.

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