Storage Tank Inspection



EIWAA Oil and Gas Services is a Third-Party Inspection company offers Storage tank inspection in Saudi Arabia by providing all types of NDT Inspection, Storage tank Settlement survey Services, Tank Verticality checking and 3D Laser Measurement Services. EIWAA Oil and Gas Services is a Storage tank Inspection Service provider for issuing fitness certification whether the storage tank is Inservice or out of service condition. Above Ground Storage tank Inspection Services as per API 650/API 653 Standards includes NDT Testing, Hydro Testing, Shell and Floor of tank settlement Survey, Storage tank Dimensional control by 3D Laser Measurement Services and Fitness Certification issuance.
Our Storage tank Inservice/Out of Service Inspection Covers the scope of NDT Inspection, Corrosion Survey, Hydro testing and certification, Settlement Survey and Storage tank Dimensional Measurement Services. Non-Destructive Testing covers the scope of MPI Inspection, Dye penetrant Test, Vacuum Box Testing, Leak testing, MFL Inspection and Ultrasonic thickness Gauging of tank shell, roof etc. Storage tank Dimensional control by remote 3D Laser measurement service can find out tank verticality, tank tiltness, Peaking/banding and tank ovality checking by external inspection. As a part of storage tank Inservice inspection and certifications as per API 653, storage tank inspection and remaining life assessment shall be provided at periodic interval for all the major storage tank terminals of Saudi Arabia. Volume measurement of Storage tank shall be performed by Storage tank calibration Services or Tank strapping as per API MPMS 2.2D/ISO Standards.


Storage tank Settlement Survey shall be used for Inservice/Newly constructed storage tanks. Storage tank Dimensional Survey used for Inservice and out of service storage tanks for fitness certifications and remaining life assessments. Following to the storage tank hydro testing, Settlement survey shall be performed in accordance with API 650 & API 653 Standards. Storage tank Settlement Survey covers the scope of Storage tank shell and floor settlement at various stages of hydro testing. Storage tank settlement survey shall be performed by Total station survey and 3D Scanner.

Storage Tank Dimensional Measurement

Tank Verticality check, Ovality and Roundness measurement Services by 3D Scanner and Total Station Survey

Storage tank Calibration

Storage tank volume measurement services by tank calibration and tank strapping services as per API MPMS 2.2 D/ISO

Storage tank NDT Inspection

Non destructive Testing Services of Vacuum Box testing, MPI/DPI, Ultrasonic Testing, Thickness Gauging, Eddy Current etc.

Remaining life Assessment

Remaining life assessment /Corrosion monitoring services by API 653 Inspection for issuing fitness certifications.


Storage tank dimensional Survey shall be performed by advanced total station and 3D Scanner to determine the Storage tank dimensional measurements as well as piping and pipeline inspection services. It is a remote sensing measurement services by LiDAR Scanning and 3D Measurement. By Laser Measurement Services, we can find out the following dimensional measurements of storage tank.

  • Storage tank Verticality
  • Ovality and Roundness
  • Tank Straightness
  • Tank Alignment Survey
  • Tank Tiltness Survey
  • Storage tank Peaking and Banding Survey
  • Tank Floor Waviness measurements

All the storage tank dimensional services shall be performed by authorized dimensional inspectors in presence of API 653 Inspection Engineers.


As a part of storage tank Inservice inspection and certifications as per API 653, storage tank inspection and remaining life assessment shall be provided at periodic interval. Inservice Inspection and Certification includes the following,

  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Hydro Testing
  • Storage tank Settlement Survey
  • Safe Fill Height calculation
  • Remaining Life Assessment
  • Fit to Use Evaluation.

Storage tank integrity assessment by ultrasonic thickness gauging and corrosion survey shall be measured by either scaffolding access or rope access services.

Leak testing services shall be performed by vacuum box testing and hydrostatic testing services. This pressure testing or hydro testing shall be performed by CSWIP 3.1/AWS Qualified inspection engineers experienced in storage tank inspection and piping inspection services.

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