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EIWAA Marine Calibration Services in Saudi Arabia provides Safety Valve calibration, Instrument calibration, Gas calibration, and Pressure and flow calibration services. Calibration services for ensuring the accuracy of equipment for offshore rigs and oil and gas services. Marine calibration Services in Saudi Arabia shall be performed for Various Single and Multi-Portable Gas detectors, Fixed Gas detection systems, pressure gauges Transmitters etc. For temperature calibration services in Saudi Arabia, we are providing calibration services for Temperature Gauges and Transmitters, Thermocouples and RTDS,15 PPM monitors for the Oily Water Separators and ODME systems etc.
EIWAA Calibration services in Saudi Arabia provides pressure testing and certification services along with calibration services by technicians qualified by Safety training and certification. For Instrument calibration services in marine vessels/offshore rigs, our qualified calibration technician performs calibration for Oxygen and Gas Analyzers, Alcohol Testers, Flow meters and Flow Transmitters, Torque Wrenches and Dial Gauges etc. Electrical instrument calibration Services shall be performed for Chart Recorders, Multi meters and Ohm Meters, Pressure and Temperature Recorders, Tank Level Gauging systems Electrical Panel Meters – Voltmeter Ammeters KW meters etc.


EIWAA Calibration Services in Saudi Arabia offers Instrument calibration services, Temperature and Pressure Calibration, Flow calibration and Gas detection calibration services etc. for both onshore and offshore services.

Instrument Calibration

Torque Wrenches and Dial Gauges, Alcohol tester, Torque Wrenches and Dial Gauges, Vernier Calipers, Chart Recorders etc.

Temperature Calibration

Temperature Gauges and Transmitters, Thermocouples and RTDS, Ballast System and Monitoring, Engine Safety Monitoring etc.

Pressure Calibration

Pressure and Temperature Records, Chart recorder calibration, pressure gauges and Transmitters calibration, Solenoid valves.

Flow calibration

Flow meter Calibration and Flow Transmitters calibration, Calibration of tank level gauging system etc.

Gas Calibration

Fixed Gas detection systems, Single and Multi-Portable Gas detectors, Oxygen and gas analyzer calibration, Fire alarm systems etc.

Electrical and Weight Calibration

Multimeters, Ohm Meters calibration, Electronic Weighing Scale, Electrical Panel Meters, Voltmeter, Ammeter, KW meters etc.


Field calibration services: On-site calibration is performed by trained technicians using calibrated master equipment and software.

In-house calibration Services: Calibration of equipment by in-house facility as per the calibrated standards and codes used in oil and gas industry.

Codes and standards of fixed gas detection calibration services used in the offshore industry are,

  • API RP 500: Calibration requirements and methods of Electrical Equipment at Substations and power plants
  • API RP 550: Calibration requirements and methods of Electrical Installations on Offshore Production Platforms.
  • IEC 61511: Functional Safety and calibration requirements of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Systems in the Marine as well as oil and gas industry.
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910: Code of Federal Regulations for Occupational Safety and Health Standards for onsite calibration services 
  • MSA 58: Calibration requirements and methods of Gas Detection Systems on Offshore Installations.
  • DNV GL RP C202: Calibration requirements and methods based on DNV Recommended Practice for Hazard and Risk Assessment at Offshore Installations.

Instrument calibration is a critical process in the offshore oil and gas industry to ensure that equipment and instruments are accurate and safe. 

  • Pressure instrument calibration: Calibration of Pressure gauges, transmitters, and sensors used to measure pressure in pipes, piping, storage tanks, etc. at oil and gas.
  • Temperature instrument calibration: Calibration of Thermometers, thermocouples, and temperature transmitters used to measure temperature in pipes and storage tanks.
  • Flow instrument calibration: Calibration of Flow meters, flow switches, and flow indicators used to measure the flow rate of fluids in pipes.
  • Level instruments: Calibration of Level gauges, level switches, and level transmitters used to measure the level of fluids in tanks and containers.

Other instrument calibration: pH meters, ORP meters, and other specialized instruments used to measure various parameters such as pH, conductivity, and oxygen levels at oil and gas & Marine Services.

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