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Inspection and Testing Service:

EIWAA is a Third Party Inspection Service provider in the field of NDT, Storage tank, PRV, Rope Access Service etc.3RD Party Certification of Storage tank incudes tank NDT, API 650 and API 653 Inspection which covers the cope of settlement survey, Dimensional control of storage tank, Tank Bottom floor MFL and Tank Vacuum Box testing for leakages etc. Our TPI Inspectors are approved with API 653 and API 510 Certified for performing the tank integrity assessment as per the API Standards. As a TPI  Agency, we are providing lifting equipment certification, Lifting Appliances and Lifting Accessories testing and certification, Pressure Test, Hydrostatic Testing and certification, Third Party Testing and certification of Mooring bollard, testing and Certification of wire ropes by Wire rope MFL Method, Electro Magnetic Inspection Method etc. with additional technical services of spooling and despooling of wire rope with spooling winches and high pressure lubrication system service provider for wire rope lubrication. Our TPI Certification Services for welders and Brazing operators are enclave with Welder training ,Conducting welder test, Welder Certification, WPS/PQR Qualification, Welding Procedure Qualification, Brazing Operator Qualification, Brazing procedure Qualification ,Braze welding test, copper welding Qualification, Soldering operator Qualification test etc. All  the Welding Inspector and Brazing Inspector are approved by ASME ,AWS and BS EN Standards. Rope Access Technician are approved ASNT Level II,CSWIP 3.1,AWS Approved Welding Inspector and Technician with IRATA and LEEA Certifications. We are Providing 3rd Party Rope Access testing Services in the field of Pad eye load testing and certification, lifting gear, Lifting tackle certification, Rope Access, NDT etc. in marine and oil Gas field. Loose Lifting Gear Inspection examination are Bi annual and annual certification requirement by 3rd Party Inspection and it is performed with certification validity of 6 month with colour coding and tagging. Loose Lifting Gear examination are performed by LEEA approved Engineers with IACS Certification for performing marine vessels and ships. As per local regulations and international standards, wire rope renewal and changes are required based on the wire rope testing result and is mandatory in many aspects.Apart from the wire rope visual assessment, we are documented the wire rope renewal by providing EMAG, Wire rope MFL testing etc. by EMAG Wire rope testing equipment’s with qualified wire rope testing Engineers. Wire rope Socketing, Spooling and De spooling of wire ropes, Destructive testing and certification of wire ropes with MBL ,High pressure lubrication is an extended wire rope technical services.