EIWAA Marine Services offers repair and maintenance services of ABS approved welding fabrication by Rope Access Services and spider access services in Saudi Arabia. Rope Access welding services is a safe and simple solution for welding in a remote access area.

Our Rope access offshore welding team includes   Certified Welders, Fabricators and multi skilled mechanical technicians with sufficient offshore Safety approvals and offshore passes.Each Rope Access Welding process is customized one and it meets the requirements of client in an economical/qualitative manner.

Rope Access-Marine Welding and Fabrication:

Rope Access Welding Inspection teams  commits to provide  NDT Inspection of weld joints  by Pre-Post NDT Inspection before/after repair by client needs. For welding in an area that is difficult to access, rope access welding offers a simple and safe option. Rope access is a proven technique for safe operations and in compliance with the requirements of welding structural codes and drawings. We are frequently able to assist our clients in avoiding the expenses and dangers connected with scaffolding or mobile work platforms. Our crew of skilled Rope Access Welding Professionals comes completely equipped and ready to tackle any welding task. Thorough project management and pre-employment surveys are the foundation of our success. EIWAA Marine Services takes the time to carefully consider each detail of the project in order to guarantee a smooth and effective completion that keeps you within your allocated spending limit and time frame.



Safety: Our first priority is safety on every job, from the beginning to the end. For every project, our clients find it simple to select EIWAA Marine Services due to our established safety record.

Professional: Employees of EIWAA Marine Services possess a wide range of expertise and credentials in relation to operating at heights. With our Welding Qualifications and IRATA certificates, we are equipped with the knowledge and experience to overcome obstacles when they arise.

Planning: Technical drawings, safe work plans, rigging plans, special access/rescue plans, and other technical planning requirements can all be reviewed or provided by EIWAA Marine in collaboration with your facility. 

Application: EIWAA Marine Services is a roper access company in Saudi Arabia with the credentials and qualifications to give you the confidence to handle any project.



  • Rope Access Inspection Services
  • ABS Approved Welding fabrication Services.
  • Hiring of ABS Approved Rope Access Welders
  • Rope Access NDT Inspection Services
  • Rope Access Lifting Gear Inspection
  • Rope Access Pad Eye Load Testing Inspection Services
  • Lifting Lug Inspection Services by Rope Access
  • Rope Access Bolt Torquing Services
  • Dropped Object survey.
  • Rope Access Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Services
  • Rope Access Storage tank Inspection Services
  • Rope Access Bolt tensioning Services
  • Rope Access Eddy Current Inspection Services
  • Rope Access ACFM Inspection Services