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Electrical installation

EIWAA Rope Access Services is the leading rope access service provider in Saudi Arabia and Middle East for providing Electrical Installation and support services in offshore rigs and platforms. EIWAA Rope access provides electrical installation, Panel board installation, Socketing Rigs, Ships, Vessels and Offshore platforms.EIWAA is equipped with Rope Access Electrician specializing in installing and  maintaining of electrical fittings or fixtures, Extraction fans on stacks and rig structures, installing 3 phase motors, lightning conductors installation on the top of rig assets, Installing CCTV Cameras and set up cameras, LED Conversions, Cable tray installation, Electrical Inspections, Electrical wiring etc. Rope Access Electrician are capable to  assemble, assessing, testing, and maintaining wiring, apparatus, appliances, and other electrical or electronic components of rigs and vessels at offshore environment. Detecting and fixing problems with broken machinery, devices, and electrical appliances etc. by combining hand tools and drawings to construct and fabricate items are the duties of a rope access electrician. A marine rope access electrician fixes electrical trouble shooting of  boats, ships, and other maritime machinery. Repairing electrical cable, restoring the electrical connection that powers a ship’s engine and navigational systems, and safeguarding work areas on boats to prevent electrical shock are typical jobs of Rope Access Electrical Engineer. We will diagnose and fix electrical issues utilizing circuit testers, liquid electrical tape, wiring connections, switches, and fuses. Ohmmeters and oscilloscopes are additional tools that we supposed to use to check the functionality of the electrical equipment. Our personnel are dedicated to quality and safety and are given the best tools available to complete the work in a secure and timely manner.

Major Repair and Maintenance services by Rope Access service in Electrical installations and commission are ,

Our Services are,

Cable Installation
CCTV Camera Installation
Light Replacement
Warning Light Installation
Light Fitting and Cable tray
Aircraft warning light replacement
Derrick Light Installation
Electrical Pulling and Installation
Cable tray replacement
Lightning Arrestor Installation
Lighting Installation in helideck
Socket Testing and Installation