EIWAA can provide an extensive range of their services with the aid of Rope Access services to minimize costs associated with both time consuming and expensive scaffold systems. EIWAA Marine offers various NDT  inspection Services of ACFM Inspection, MPI Testing, Ultrasonic scanning and Eddy Current Inspection by Rope Access Services in Saudi Arabia. It has been shown throughout the last number of years that this activity is an extremely safe method for execution of numerous applications at elevated locations and those that have restricted access.

Rope Access NDT Inspection and Certification

EIWAA Marine s Rope Access Inspection Services utilize IRATA trained NDT technicians for Structural Inspection and Survey work. Rope Access is a safe, efficient and time saving method derived from recreational climbing and caving but modified to utilize a twin rope system for enhanced safety in industrial use. This makes it the access method of choice for our industry, thus eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming scaffolding.

With our own team of IRATA qualified rope access personnel, EIWAA Marine Services has the capability to expand any of its broad range of rope access Inspection and maintenance services in many areas


Rope Access Inspection Services in Saudi Arabia Major Ports/Drydock areas are approved by IRATA & all major Classification/IACS members:

  • Rope Access NDT Inspection
  • Rope Access ACFM Inspection (Alternating Current Field Measurement Inspection): ACFM Inspection or Alternating Current Field Measurements by Rope Access Technique is used to measure and sizing of surface cracks in weld or parent material whether the component is painted or coated. Normally Rope Access ACFM Inspection is used as a part of condition monitoring or In-service Inspection requirements. EIWAA is a leading Advanced NDT Inspection company for providing ACFM Inspection for rigs, Platform and Jackets by Rope Access . Our advanced ACFM Inspection Instrument is approved by API ,AWS and ASME and the ACFM Inspection procedures are approved by major oil and gas companies like PDO,QATAR Gas, ADNOC and ARAMCO. Our ACFM Inspection technique combines the advantages of alternating current potential drop(ACPD) technique and Eddy Current testing for detecting and sizing of surface cracks and ability to work without electrical contact.
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI Inspection)by Rope Access
  • Penetrant Inspection
  • Rope Access Eddy Current Inspection: Rope Access Eddy Current testing or Eddy Current Inspection by Rope Access is used for the detection of surface breaking/cracks and near surface planar defects in welds, heat affected zone and parent material. EIWAA offers Rope Access eddy current testing applied on coated and uncoated objects &the eddy current testing can be carried out on all accessible surfaces on welds of almost any configuration. Eddy Current Inspection/testing by Rope Access is used to measure and sizing of surface cracks in weld or parent material whether the component is painted or coated.
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Survey
  • STS Crane Inspection by Rope Access
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection by Rope Access
  • Rope Access Lifting Gear Surveys
  • Rope Access Pad eye load testing and Certification
  • Hull & Tank Gauging
  • Jack-Up Leg Inspections
  • Dropped Object Survey
  • Derrick Survey(API 4G-CAT III Inspection)
  • Above Ground Storage Tank Inspection
  • Remedial and maintenance services
  • Derrick Assembly Inspection