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RBI Inspection:

EIWAA Engineering uses Risk Based Inspection (RBI) to make joint risk-based choices in conjunction with our customers.For each client’s particular needs, we adapt our RBI approach and employ a range of RBI solutions. To provide a structured methodology to: Assign appropriate inspection intervals for internal and external inspections, EIWAA performs RBIs based on API 580 and API 581.

RBI Inspection Methods   is especially pertinent to the use of RBI Inspection techniques in refineries, chemical processing facilities, and other comparable onshore and offshore operations. Some industries are implementing RBI to support and guide planned plant inspection, particularly the refining and petrochemical sectors. It is asserted that RBI can provide cost savings through improved resource management, lower maintenance costs, and higher plant availability. If used properly and as part of a long-term strategy, RBI is a potent instrument. The implementation of RBI often involves a sizable initial resource expenditure. However, there is a chance for higher safety standards and actual cost savings with less downtime, etc.

Risk Based Inspection Technique:

  • It is doubtful that a single person will have all of the skills, experience, and information necessary for a proper and sufficient analysis for anything but the simplest of installations. A multidisciplinary team must typically be set together before RBI can be introduced. The team size will vary, but three people would often be regarded as the very minimum. The team must have the ideal combination of knowledge and experience, and it should be able to consult with other employees as needed.
  • Risk assessment, process hazards and consequences, plant safety and integrity management, mechanical engineering and materials science, plant-specific operation, maintenance, and inspection histories, and inspection procedures are some of the topics that need to be covered (including NDT techniques where applicable)
  • The credentials and ability of the team members must be of a professionally recognized standing for plant that could, in the case of failure, result in a severe accident.
  • The RBI team must be aware of its mandate and the required rigor of its methodology. It is important to keep notes from team meetings, especially regarding the methods used to achieve qualitative conclusions and decisions.
  • The team leader should have the required seniority and authority as well as be viewed as being organizationally independent from the direct pressures of the production function.
  • Non Destructive testing methods shall be either conventional and Advanced NDT Inspection methods of Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Test, Eddy Current Testing, Ultrasonic Scanning, Remote Field Eddy Current testing etc.