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Pipeline calibration and Pipeline Survey:

Where appropriate, separate volume estimations for the bottom cargo line, pump room lines and check cargo lines are provided. The calibration table contains volume calculator details,  for the cargo tanks. Ship tanks contain intricate interior designs, bulkheads, transverse sections, and a lot of deadwood.

How to perform pipeline calibration:

Following steps are necessary in order to find out the volume determination and pipeline survey in an oil storage tank terminals,

  • Assess the GA Drawings and P &ID Diagram of pipeline network.
  • Ensure the pipeline network is in line with the GA Drawings.
  • Fix a target point in order to consider this as a reference line.
  • It is measured by using Volume calculator method by using total station survey ,3D laser scanner, Ultrasonic thickness Gauging instrument.
  • Wall thickness can be measured by Ultrasonic thickness gauging instrument and eventually can determine the internal diameter, wall thickness and outside diameter and its accessories like Elbow, Union,Tee Joint etc.
  • Using Infrared thermometer to determine the temperature of a piping to prepare the temperature correction chart as a part of Volume calculator.
  • Total station Survey and theodolite survey can used to measure the Geometrical tolerances like straightness, Ovality , Length etc.
  • 3D Scanner and Total station survey can be used as a supplementary tool in order to measure the Geometrical as well as linear measurements of length, Diameter,straightness etc. and pipeline survey even the line is in non access /remote area
  • Volume calculator datas are depends upon the several factors of product, discharge and flow rate required in the terminal etc.
  • Product reference which affects the calibration are density, temperature, viscosity etc.
  • By using advanced software, calibration datas are processed and determine the volume in each segment.
  • Prepare a calibration chart and have to document in order to determine the discharge rate and flow rate.

What you get it after calibration:

Following deliverables got it after volume calibration are,

  • Temperature Correction Chart
  • Calibration Chart
  • Accurate measurements of pipeline length with coordinates.