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Project Management and Design Engineering:

EIWAA have a project management and Engineering team provides Design Engineering, Risk based Inspection, Asset Integrity Management and Mechanical Maintenance Services. Design Engineering service may Onshore and offshore structural engineering. Onshore structural engineering mainly focused on architectural engineering of building like curtain walls, Mullion, Aluminium structures, Warehouse column and rafters and as built drawings preparation. Even it is Minor or Major structural calculation works, EIWAA`s design engineering team will deliver the structural calculation on time. Onshore structural engineering may Glass and aluminium structural calculation, Pergola, curtain wall, skylight, Façade, staircase, canopy ,sheds and warehouses.Offshore Engineering includes reverse Engineering, Offshore container, Offshore skid, Offshore transporting unit Offshore skip, Offshore basket, Offshore modules, Offshore racks, jackets and platforms. Risk based Inspection performs on the basis of API 580 and API 581 covering the scope of Damage mechanism and construction/in service documents.Asset Integrity Management is performing by NDT Inspection, Third Party Inspection and other advanced NDT Techniques & Evaluation. Project Management team shall have strong technical support services for offshore equipment repair, refurbishment and upgrade/conversion projects. We have an accurate 3D Laser scanning & Detailed Engineering team who performs FEED, Marine feasibility study, 3D imaging, Modeling, As built drawing etc. for conversion and retrofitting solutions. Conversion and Retrofitting includes MOPU to MODU Conversion in Oil rigs and Vessels.If the repairing and maintenance areas are not in the normal access areas, Our Rope access specialist will carry out the project completion without scaffolding and other staging solutions. Repair and Maintenance service include winch repair, crane maintenance, Hydraulic repair of deck crane, Pneumatic Repairs of offshore deck equipment’s, Offshore Equipment rental and hiring services including lifting accessories and lifting tackles, Bolt torquing and tensioning by Rope Access specialist Services, Repairing and Overhauling of winches and power packs etc. Offshore rental service includes water bag, water weights, Proof load testing water bags, shackles, Dynamometer load cell, Grommet slings, Spreader beam, Lifting beam and Heavy slings with offshore inspection crews for crane testing and certification.