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Mechanical Maintenance Services

Proper maintenance of your equipment, facilities and structures can significantly decrease the risk of accidents, asset failures and costly downtime. Our multi-discipline teams can not only detect faults but can carry out the repairs required, reducing shut-down time and therefore production costs. We provide efficient and high quality specialist services

and mechanical maintenance services for sizes of projects. Below is an extract of our offerings:

Specialist Services

Offshore Equipment Refurbishment, Repair and Upgrade: EIWAAs Offshore repair division provides repair, refurbishment, and rental of equipment in marine, energy and oil/gas sectors.

Offshore Equipment’s Rental: EIWAAs Rental fleet provides Offshore Lifting Equipment’s Rental, offshore lifting equipment Supply, Hiring of offshore crane testing bags, Water weights rental etc.

Repairing and overhauling of winches: EIWAA Providing Repair, Service and Overhauling of different types of winches like Air Winches, Hydraulic winches, Air Hoist etc. at rigs, Ships/Vessels etc. Service includes gear box replacement, controller and bearing replacement, break bank replacement and blasting & painting after repair.

Crane Repair and Maintenance Services: EIWAA’s Offshore repair division provides Crane Repair and Maintenance service include the replacement of wire ropes and ensure the high-pressure lubrication system of wire ropes, replacement of badly worn pins, bearings, failed safety devices, damaged hooks, damaged shields and pulleys, replacement of motor and brake shoes, brushes, control, contacts etc. We perform maintenance of pulleys, hooks, reducer etc. Repairing and Servicing of Deck Mounted Pedestal Crane, Hydraulic repairs of tankers, Hydraulic Repairs of Cargo Vessels, Hydraulic Repairs of Hatch Covers etc.

Repairing and overhauling of Power Packs: EIWAA Provides overhauling of hydraulic power packs, electric power packs, hydraulic Jacks and hydraulic pressure lines.

Wire rope spooling and Despooling package includes the following,

  • Wire rope Spooling and despooling using spooling winches with adequate back tensions for Deck crane and Winches are examples of marine technical support.
  • Removal and installation of crane wire rope by using a spooling winch and lubrication by high pressure lubrication system.
  • Re socketing of wire ropes
  • cleaning of wire ropes during installing wire rope cranes.
  • MFL Inspection and Certification for Wire Rope
  • NDT Inspection and Certification for Crane Wire Rope
  • Wire rope destructive testing
  • High Pressure lubrication after
  • Services for renting wire rope spooling winches

Bolt Torquing and Tensioning: It is a safe, fast, accurate, and reliable way to ensure joint integrity. EIWAA team provides controlled loosening and tightening bolts by means of torquing and tensioning from small jobs to large turnarounds using portable torquing equipment or torque wrenches. Our trained and experienced technicians apply proven techniques to disassemble, assemble and preload verification of bolted joints by hydraulic torque wrenches. Focus is on critical elements of overall joint integrity, including flange surface quality, joint alignment, gasket selection, bolt preparation and uniform bolt loading using the most appropriate torquing/tensioning methods.

Advantages of Bolt Torquing and Tensioning:

  • Reduces gasket leaks.
  • Ensures leak-free and safe start-ups.
  • Provides uniformed bolt loading.
  • Bolt torquing and tensioning controls critical elements associated with bolted joint integrity.
  • Reassembles and properly aligns joints utilizing the appropriate gaskets.
  • Cleans and lubricates bolts and nuts properly.
Mechanical Maintenance Services

Welding & Structural Repairs : EIWAA’s pipefitting services offer highly-skilled and professionally-certified specialists for flange torqueing, welding, bolt tensioning and more. Supported by fully-compliant process safety management techniques and industry compliance standards, EIWAA ensures optimal function and efficiency during repairs and installation periods to reduce equipment failures, secondary damages, and downtime.

Our mechanical technicians perform welding services in support of metal fabrication and repairs. EIWAA’ s mechanical technicians use a variety of welding techniques, including to join together different segments of piping in the construction of a larger piping system, operating on aluminum, stainless, steel, copper, bronze, and brass materials.

Pipefitting & Welding Maintenance Services including:

  • Manual metal arc welding
  • Pipeline, gas, and fuel line welding
  • Fitting custom steel and aluminium work
  • Cutting and heating metals
  • Grinding, finishing, and lagging

3D Scanning for Retrofit engineering and conversion: As a part of mechanical maintenance and repair or Retrofit Engineering /Conversion Engineering in Ships, Vessels, Storage tank Terminals, Refineries etc. we are providing 3D Laser scanning,3D Modeling ,Feasible study and As built Drawings etc.