Offshore Inspection, Testing, and Certification

Leading third party inspection company in KSA, EIWAA Gulf Rocks Inspection company offers Work equipment inspection, NDT/NDE inspection services, marine 3D laser scanning and alignment survey, EMAG inspection of wire ropes, etc. in marine and offshore environments.

Inspection & Testing Services

By utilizing steel wire rope flaw detection techniques, Gulf Rock offers EMAG Inspection of wire rope inspection and lifting accessories inspection services. This inspection extends rope life by accurately measuring loss of metallic area (LMA) and detecting inner and outer localized flaws (LF) of broken wires, strands, kinking, and pitting corrosion in addition to the visual inspection criteria. Magnetic Flux Leakage, or MFL, is the underlying principle of EMAG Wire Rope Inspection.

Wire rope MFL Inspection, often referred to as EMAG Inspection of Steel Wire Ropes, is a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Inspection technique used in the maritime industry to assess the structural integrity of steel wire ropes.

The increased wire rope life expectancy achieved by EIWAA's NDT wire rope inspection equipment leads in significant financial savings forIncreased wire rope life expectancy, significant cost savings for marine/vessel owners, and safe use of wire ropes are all outcomes of EIWAA's NDT wire rope inspection equipment. Wire rope NDT and Certification using the magnetic flux leakage method and powerful magnetization heads are included in the range of our offshore inspection and lifting accessories inspection services.

Inspection of offshore wire rope and the oil and gas industry:

    • Inspections of wire rope used in heavy lifting equipment onshore and offshore.
    • Guy Wire rope Continuous monitoring
    • As part of the heavy lifting equipment inspection, NDT inspection of the hoisting wire at the offshore crane spreader beam.
    • NDT Examination of Rope Carrying or Ropeway and Lifting Beam
    • NDT inspection of wire ropes used in subsea construction and guy ropes at the mast
    • Wire rope inspection for cranes
    • Assessing mooring winch wire rope
    • Crane wire rope inspection, mooring line inspection, mooring winch, anchor lines, and other uses of EMAG or electromagnetic examination of wire rope in the marine industry.
    • For ship lift wire rope inspection at marine drydocks and certification of wire ropes' fitness for use, EMAG or electromagnetic inspection can be used.
    • Wire rope NDT inspection is utilized in the oil and gas industry for cranes and flare stack inspection.

EMAG Inspections' technical specifications and equipment capabilities:

  • Strong magnetic technology identifies potential wire rope flaws such as LMA, LF, broken wires/strands, etc.
  • Due to the strong magnetic flux leakage field and/or magnetic saturation present in our non-destructive wire rope offshore inspection equipment, it is feasible to achieve high accuracy and sensitivity.
  • In order to determine LMA (Loss of Metallic Cross-Sectional Area), WRR (Wire rope Roughness), LF (Localized Flaws of Wire Ropes), etc., our NDT Inspection of Wire Rope Testing Instruments have three signals for wire rope defect identification.

Offshore NDT Inspection services consist of,

Eddy Current Certifications and Inspection Services.

Magnetic particle certifications and inspections.

Inspection and Certification for Ultrasonic Scanning.

ACFM Inspection

Steel wire ropes remaining life Inspection using EMAG.

Dye Penetrant Inspection

Phased Array UT Scanning Inspection

Offshore NDT Inspection and Certification:

Offshore Inspection Survey includes,

Inspection and Certification of Rig including pad eye testing service

Inspection and Certification of Barges

Certifications and Inspections for Ships

Certifications and Inspections for Vessels

Pipelines and pressure vessels in-service inspection.

Technical Support and Offshore Rental Services:
Offshore Technical Support includes the following

Rental services for offshore water bags.

Services for renting calibrated load cells and lifting beam.

Pad eye testing service

Rental services for solid steel test weights.

Winches for spooling or destruction are rented out.

Bags and supplies for lifeboat inspection

Rental services for pneumatic hoists and compressors.

Services for renting spreader beams.

Services for hiring lifting beams