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Offshore/Onshore Structural Engineering Consultancy:

In the fields of energy, construction, marine, and offshore structural design, EIWAA Gulf Rocks offers engineering consulting services, design consulting services, and project management. By combining project management, surveying, design engineering, and inspection, EIWAA provides clients with a one-stop solution for major projects. Our dedicated engineering consultants and naval architects attend meetings with clients, local authorities, and engineering & offshore contractors to resolve the design of onshore steel structures, Design of offshore steel structures, etc.

Structural Calculation:

As a Leading structural design company; EIWAA, offers design services for canopies, onshore steel structures, aluminum structures, glass structures, etc. Our strengths in civil engineering design, as the largest design consultant, include but are not limited to;
Design of Glass and Aluminum Structures
Design of steel structures in connection
Pergola, Skylights, Curtain Wall, and Façade Design Consultancy
Mullion, canopies, helical staircases, sheds, warehouses, etc. are all structurally engineered.
Structural analysis of glass
Truss assembly design calculation and post design
Design of HVAC equipment and accessories

EIWAA, a leading engineering consultancy in the oil and gas and energy sectors, offers the following design capabilities for engineering consultancy services:

Services for Pressure Vessel Design Calculation
Services for Storage tank Design Calculation
The Piping’s Design and TEKLA detailing

Offshore Structural Design :

Designing onshore steel structures as well as offshore structures, offshore containers, and offshore carrying units in accordance with the following standards:

Offshore service modules and DNV 2.7-1 offshore container design.
Designing primary and secondary structures is a part of designing offshore containers.
Lifting load analysis, impact loading, load analysis of lifting hooks and pad eyes, and FEA analysis are all included in the design of offshore containers in accordance with DNV standard.

Our scope of offshore Structural Design Company includes the following:

Offshore Structural analysis of Container
Offshore transporting unit design
Offshore Container Design
Offshore transporting unit design
Offshore Skips Design
Structural Analysis of Offshore basket and offshore skid
Design of steel structures for offshore jackets and platforms.
Offshore skid design
Designing offshore structures such as skids and racks
Offshore module design
Utilize structural stress analysis when designing offshore structures.
Determine the steel structures’ load bearing capacity.
Make reports on the offshore stress analysis.