In many diverse industries, including mining, heavy lifting, cranes, aerial ropeways, elevators, bridges, guyed constructions, etc., steel ropes are essential for the proper operation of various machines and installations. Rope’s dependability and operating time are increased by proper magnetic rope testing inspection. Visual and magnetic non-destructive testing of steel ropes are two useful techniques. Visual inspection, which is time-consuming and arbitrary, reveals surface flaws in the rope.


By measuring the metallic cross-section loss of the rope, the magnetic approach can analyze the extent of corrosion and abrasion as well as find both internal and external flaws.Common standards including ASTM E1571, ISO 4309, EN 12927, and IMCA LR 004 acknowledge Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) as a valuable tool for ensuring the integrity of steel ropes.An established Wire rope NDT test to evaluate faults including kinking, loss of metal, abrasion, corrosion, broken strands, etc. is electro magnetic steel rope testing. EMAG or  rope NDT inspection is utilized in a variety of applications, including passenger ropeways, ship lifts, zip lines, main hoists, and crane rope inspection. In addition to the EMAG Inspection  of steel rope, EIWAA can offer spooling winches for spooling and despoiling of steel rope, high pressure lubrication, etc. EIWAA Can perform the Wire rope NDT Inspection ranges upto 120 mm dia. of rope. Length is not a constraint for Wire rope NDT Inspection. NDT Inspectors are qualified by OEM and they have vast experience to perform the non destructive testing of steel rope. By measuring loss of metallic area (LMA) and identifying external and inner localized defects (LF), such as broken wires, strands, and pitting corrosion, the magnetic rope test equipment  enables steel rope inspection. The magnetic flux leakage principle is used by the testing instrument. During magnetic flux leakage rope testing, the rope is magnetically saturated by powerful magnets, and if the rope is defect-free, the leakage flux above the rope surface is uniform. Leakage flux is disturbed by rope flaws like LMA and LF, and applied sensors choose this disturbance for processing. The magnetic head, which connects to the basic unit with a cable, is part of the EMAG Wire rope Testing equipment . The size of the magnetic head determines compatibility between basic units and magnetic head.